Leaving France? Expect ‘Eco-Tax’ On Your Flight Out

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France claims that airplane contrails (ice crystals) contribute to global warming and therefore travelers should be punished with an eco-tax to offset their destructive travel habits. ⁃ TN Editor

France will introduce an “eco-tax” of up to €18 (£16.19) on tickets for all flights leaving the country, the government has announced.

Transport minister Elisabeth Borne told a news conference that the €180m (£162m) it is expected to raise annually from 2020, would finance daily transport in the country.

The new tax will range from €1.50 for short-haul flights and up to €18 for long-haul journeys in business class.

The move comes amid an escalating planetary climate emergency which is disproportionally being caused by the tiny percentage of people who use planes for transport.

Only around five per cent of the world’s population takes flights, but air travel contributes an estimated two per cent of the globe’s total carbon emissions.

But a new study suggests the overall effects of flying could be far more damaging to the climate than first thought.

It identified trails left by planes in the sky as a far more damaging effect on the climate than all the carbon dioxide ever emitted from their engines.

The tracks – called contrails – linger in the sky as ice clouds and trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere.

This is an unaccounted source of climate warming from air travel, and researchers from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) in Germany said the problem is set to triple by 2050.

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Its the rulers of this world have damaged earth. They are the ones who created a throw away world which includes precious babies & people. Just look in the dumps. You can’t fix your own car or even your own riding lawn mower. They have put the maintenance parts where you can’t get to them. You can’t buy a flip phone anymore it’s been monopolized by I-phones and the like. You can’t buy a computer anymore WITHOUT windows 10. You can’t buy a affordable cars anymore stripped down without computers. You can’t buy NORMAL food anymore. They are the ones… Read more »


Complete propaganda and a way for France to fund shortfalls. The trails are not ‘contrails’. Contrails dissipate quickly. Geo-engineering trails do not. Now, the public is being blamed for government programs that supposedly “do not exist”.


You must admit it is brilliant in an evil Hegelian sense:”Problem , reaction, solution”. Where this is all leading is a global tax on air which will not, CANNOT solve anything but will transfer wealth from the many to the few. Here in Oregon we just dodged that bullet in the legislature, but it will never go away, even if the planet were to freeze over.


Tru dat. It is a brilliant, evil plan. Blame your black-hand experiments on the public and the jet propulsion systems of the airlines. Geez! Hands down, the elitists tell the biggest and the best constructed lies. The reason they are the slithering snakes of our world.