Michael Mann v. Mark Steyn: The Criminalizing Of Free Speech In America

Michael Mann holding a hockey stick. Credit: Sydney Herdle
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Climate “scientist” Michael Mann, inventor of the discredited “hockey stick,” just won a $1 million judgment from popular conservative commentator Mark Steyn in a U.S.  court, effectively criminalizing Free Speech. Mann sued the late Dr. Tim Ball in Canada over his authoritative criticism of the hockey stick. Ball cleaned Mann’s clock in the Canada Supreme Court.

I wrote in Global Warming Activist Michael Mann Demands Censorship Of Dissenters in 2021,

Michael Mann is the discredited climate scientist who fabricated the infamous “hockey stick” model of global warming. His answer to critics like Dr. Tim Ball is to sue them. Now he wants all dissenters forcibly censored and removed from public discussion. This is how the “science is settled” by pseudo-science ideologues.

Climate alarmists like Mann cannot stand up to the traditional rigor of scientific debate, so their only defense is to simply shut critics out of the discussion. This is why Mann repeatedly attacked Dr. Tim Ball, an eminent climate scientist in Canada. Mann lost his defamation lawsuit against Ball in the BC Supreme Court in 2019.

That’s right. This was already decided in the BC Supreme Court in 2019. Mann was also held in contempt of court for REFUSING TO SURRENDER HIS DATA proving his Hockey Stick theory. Why would he withhold data? Because it is fraudulent, as Dr. Tim Ball said along.

In 2017, Principia Scientific wrote about Mann:

Penn State climate scientist Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann commits contempt of court in the ‘climate science trial of the century.’ Prominent alarmist shockingly defies judge and refuses to surrender data for open court examination. Only possible outcome: Mann’s humiliation, defeat and likely criminal investigation in the U.S.

The defendant in the libel trial, the 79-year-old Canadian climatologist, Dr Tim Ball (above, right) is expected to instruct his British Columbia attorneys to trigger mandatory punitive court sanctions, including a ruling that Mann did act with criminal intent when using public funds to commit climate data fraud. Mann’s imminent defeat is set to send shock waves worldwide within the climate science community as the outcome will be both a legal and scientific vindication of U.S. President Donald Trump’s claims that climate scare stories are a “hoax.”

I carefully followed the court proceedings because Ball was a personal friend and his case was pivotal in disproving the climate hoax. My conclusion in Inventor Of Fraudulent Temperature ‘Hockey Stick’ Is Humiliated In Canadian Court,

Michael Mann is an unrepentant and belligerent Technocrat who deceived the whole world with his so-called ‘hockey stick’ temperature model. His humiliation in a Canadian court should be a fatal blow to the entire climate change scam. Defying a judges direct order, Mann has refused to provide his data for public scrutiny.  

But Mann is as petulant as he is unrepentant and belligerent.

Last Thursday, a jury Superior Court of the District of Columbia awarded $1 million to Mann as a result of a another lawsuit started 12 years ago. Mark Steyn pledges to appeal the judgement. If it ends up in the Supreme Court, Mann will be again humiliated like he was in the BC Supreme Court.

Emboldened by his temporary victory, AP noted,

On Thursday, Mann said he would be appealing a 2021 decision reached in D.C. Superior Court that held National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute not liable for defamation in the same incident.

“We think it was wrongly decided,” Mann said. “They’re next.”

All I have to say is that grifters have to grift and in this case, it is now all about Free Speech as well as global warming.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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I noticed he switched jobs. He had tenure at Penn State University. Now he’s at the University of Pennsylvania.


“Now he wants all dissenters forcibly censored and removed from public discussion. This is how the “science is settled” by pseudo-science ideologues.”

“…Mann is as petulant as he is unrepentant and belligerent.”

Sounds very much like the Catholic Church! “Nobody expects the INQUISITION!!” (Mony Python’s Flying Circle 1970)

But Mann is a known quantity.

Last edited 23 days ago by Elaine

I tried to post a comment on the MRNA article but said comments were closed. Here it is. People are dying all around me. 41 yo diagnosed with late stage colon cancer, it doesn’t look good. 65 yo diagnosed with late stage colon cancer dead 5 weeks after diagnosis. 21 year old diagnosed with myocarditis after mandated shots at college, 39 year old with heart failure, needing heart transplant now after shots, asked his doctor “I think the jab caused this” his doctor said I can’t confirm or deny this. My cousin found dead in his car sudden cardiac arrest.… Read more »


I guess we are all just stupid sheep. I see them all over, still wearing the masks etc. Can I get a text transcript of Fuellmers video so I can print it out and hand it out to the few people I have left in my life. I have lost most of my friends and family who think I’m a total nut job.

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[…] (Article by Patrick Wood republished from Technocracy.news) […]

[…] (Article by Patrick Wood republished from Technocracy.news) […]