Mother Jones Rolls Out Major Smear Campaign Against Anti-Agenda 21 Political Candidate

TN Note: Typical of Technocrat-inspired propagandists, Mother Jones has decided to throw mud instead of practicing good investigative journalism. Its vicious attack on Sen. Kelli Ward (AZ), who is an opponent of Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda, was triggered by McCain himself as he seeks to portray her as a ‘black-helicopter’ conspiracy nut. Such a smear is the lowest form of pedestrian journalism.

Sen. John McCain of Arizona is banking his political career on a simple but compelling argument: His Republican primary opponent, emergency room doctor and state Sen. Kelli Ward, is a nut.

As a state senator in 2014, Ward convened a nearly two-hour hearing on the conspiracy theory that the government is poisoning the populace by spraying chemicals, known as “chemtrails,” from airplanes. Ward maintains she was simply responding to the concerns of her constituents and hoped that actual experts might be able to dispel their concerns, although she said at the time that she was “open” to introducing legislation on chemtrails.

The pro-McCain group Arizona Grassroots Action has run an ad mocking Ward’s hearing, featuring text composed in skywriting script. McCain’s campaign has dubbed Ward “Chemtrail Kelli” and last week released an ad with footage of Ward’s chemtrails hearing, charging that the state senator “fuels conspiracy theories at taxpayer expense.”

But the chemtrails hearing was hardly a one-time incident. In her short political career, Ward has flirted with the conspiracy-theory fringe by making appearances on 9/11 truther radio programs, advising citizens to stay vigilant against UN helicopters, warning against government “indoctrination,” and proposing an unusual theory that the Affordable Care Act was part of a plot to force rural residents to move to cities.

McCain leads Ward in the polls, but with more than a quarter of voters undecided, he still has less than 40 percent support, according to the most recent survey of the race—an uncomfortable position for a five-term incumbent. If he can survive the August primary, he still faces a tough reelection fight in November against Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick. McCain himself has suggested that Donald Trump’s emergence as the party’s presidential nominee could put his normally safely Republican seat in jeopardy this fall. “This may be the race of my life,” he told donors at a private fundraiser, according to audio of the event leaked to Politico.

Ward, who represents a largely rural district in the state’s northwest corner, is particularly concerned about a UN agreement called Agenda 21. Designed to promote sustainable development worldwide, the compact is nonbinding and has never been approved by the US Senate. Nonetheless, Ward co-sponsored a bill in 2013 that would prohibit Arizona from complying with Agenda 21. As she explained at a hearing, Agenda 21 wasn’t just about sustainability—it was about breaking the back of rural America in order to coerce citizens into moving to cities. “I’d go so far to say that what we’re doing with health care relates to Agenda 21 as well, because we’d like to see those rural hospitals close and fold under the pressure of not taking money from the federal government to hold them up,” Ward said. “Because when those things close, that does push people toward more centralized living in high-rise apartments [and] not in the rural areas, which tend to be freer thinkers and freer livers.”

In a 2013 interview with an Arizona radio host and chemtrails activist named Luca Zanna, Ward discussed mysterious helicopters that had been spotted in Arizona, as well as the prospect of martial law, or even a foreign power sending troops to subdue American citizens. “I can tell you I have an apartment down here in Phoenix that I stay in during the session, and I hear helicopters all the time that I hear outside my window,” Ward said. “Now I don’t know if they’re medical helicopters, I don’t know if they’re searching for bad guys on the ground because there’s some kind of shooting or some kind of activity.”

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Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2


A book co-authored by Anna von Reitz, “You Know Something Is Wrong When … An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” highlights the fact that coal-ash, a dangerous industrial waste product, is being aerially sprayed on us, a.k.a. chemical trails or chemtrails. Excerpt: While the Queen, the President, the Congress, the Governors, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and all the rest of the people who are on our payroll and who are in one way or another responsible, are standing around looking stupid … Anna von Reitz is an American Common Law Superior Court Judge in Alaska, where operation of Seventh… Read more »

Brian Myers
Brian Myers

Doreen, keep spreading the facts! The truth is more powerful than propaganda. People need to know much more than they currently do. We are fighting one of the greatest battles of all time…”GOOD vs. Evil”.

Best of luck!
Brian Myers

Ray Songtree

Your posts are awesome Pat. Thank you.


U S Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward is running to retire John McCain in the Arizona primary August 30. She and her husband Dr. Michael Ward drew a huge crowd June 2nd in Southern Arizona. Not only has Dr. Ward gained endorsements from Phyllis Schlafly, the Iron Lady of Conservatism and Eagle Forum, Kelli garnered support from pro-life Cathi Herrod of Center for Arizona Policy CAP, Mark Levin and Gun Owners of America. More endorsement are coming next week. Chris McDaniel endorsed Dr. Ward, too! McDaniel narrowly lost to incumbent and aged Thad Cochran in Mississippi. Senator McCain had his… Read more »


In spite of this article, as an Arizona voter, I will vote for Dr. Kelli Ward to retire Senator John McCain.

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