Texas School District Tracking Students With RFID Badge System

Student tracking
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Some parents are happy to have their kids tracked every inch of their school day, but the students are being conditioned to accept comprehensive surveillance as normal. This is a Technocracy scheme that may have no concrete reason for its justification.  TN Editor

Midlothian ISD launched a high-tech way for parents and the district to keep track of their kids.

The new system is called “Smart Tag,” and it’s already been installed in school buses in Midlothian ISD.

With one simple swipe, parents like Allie Voelkel will no longer have to worry.

“There have been times when their bus was 15, 20 minutes late… you’re thinking, what in the world is going on,” said Voelkel.

Her 6-year-old daughter, Kensington, is one of about 4,000 Midlothian ISD students who take the bus to and from school.

“Smart Tag” knows what bus students should board and if they missed their stop. It even emails parents before their child gets home.

“It relieved a lot of stress and lots of worry. And questions of did your did get on the bus, that sort of thing. It’s definitely a sense of relief,” said Voelkel.

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