The Path To Green Economy Transformation

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TN Note: This is how a country (in this case, Fiji) is “transformed” to a “green economy” – simply bring in the consultants and “experts” from the Global Green Growth Institute, an NGO created at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, and do whatever they tell you to do. This process is being repeated all over the planet.

Transforming economic activity in Fiji to improve efficiency and the sustainable management of natural resources is vital to the stability and sustainability of the future economy — a green economy.

This is where the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) will come in to assist the Fijian Government.

With Fiji already having a green growth framework and now in consultations on the National Development Plan, GGGI director Dr Imran Ahmad said they would work with Government to integrate the framework strategies into its national development plan.

Dr Ahmad said this would assist in managing risks, unlocking new opportunities and generating additional economic, social and environmental benefits for the people of Fiji.

“In contrast to conventional development models that rely on the unsustainable depletion and destruction of natural resources, green growth is co-ordinated advancement of economic growth, environmental sustainability, poverty reduction and social inclusion driven by the sustainable development and use of global resources,” said Dr Ahmad.

“GGGI is an interdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder organisation that believes economic growth and environmental sustainability are not merely compatible objectives; their integration is essential for the future of humankind.”

He said Fiji had taken a strong lead in promoting green growth as the centrepiece of its development strategy for the future.

While many Pacific countries have included sustainability in their national plans and strategies, Dr Ahmad said Fiji pioneered in adopting a new development paradigm that puts sustainability and green growth at the forefront.

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