Welcome To The Metaverse: A Barrage Of Assault, Racism, Rape Jokes

Photograph: Channel 4
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Mark Zuckerberg has bet his fortune on the wrong horse with Meta and the metaverse, and I predict the whole project will end in dismal defeat, if not bankruptcy. There is no AI program in the world that can control the base attitudes and actions of sinful people who can hide their identity and do anything they want without consequences. ⁃ TN Editor

Before I went into the metaverse, I’d read a few articles on it and people didn’t have the nicest things to say. But I wanted to see if that was true, or whether people were just trying to find negativity. I’m a heavy user of social media, so a 3D virtual space where you can interact with other people – where artists are doing concerts and fashion houses are doing shows? That’s exciting to me!

But within the first 10 minutes of putting on a VR headset and entering a chat room, I saw underage kids simulating oral sex on each other. I experienced sexual harassment, racism and rape jokes. At one point, I heard someone say “I like little girls from the age of nine to 12: that’s just my thing.”

I came across one user who was spewing the most disgusting language I’ve ever heard in my life, to the point where we couldn’t even broadcast what he was saying. I’m talking extreme racism – hate speech, listing the kinds of people he hated, the kinds of people he wanted to kill. It was just so violent. And it all happened in a room I was able to access despite using a profile that I’d listed as being 13 years old.

It got to the point that I was really starting to worry how bad it was making our documentary look. I was conscious we needed balance, so I found myself desperately trying to find good things to latch on to. But the bad stuff kept coming so thick and fast. I didn’t prompt any of it, I was just existing in that space.

I went into chat rooms and people were berating me, actually screaming at me. At one point, seven users surrounded me and tried to force me to remove my safety shield so they could do things to my body. I tried to run away, but they backed me up against a wall, trying to grab at me, making sexual comments. It was the virtual equivalent of sexual assault.

I know it’s not real, but when you’ve got that headset on, it really feels like you’re there – you can hear their actual voices, and wherever you move your head, the world travels with you. It tricks your brain into thinking you’re really experiencing it. You forget it’s not real. It’s just so intimidating.

A bigger problem is how hard it is to actually report that sort of behaviour. You need names, IDs, some sort of evidence. But when you’re witnessing something that upsets you, your first thought isn’t necessarily: “Let me record this conversation so I can report it and they can take action”. The way they expect you to complain doesn’t make any sense. I just found myself asking: do I feel like I could keep myself safe in this environment? Could the average user? Could children? And at the moment: no, I don’t think they can.

While using that profile I’d set to 13 years old, I was able to access all sorts of things I shouldn’t have. I was using an app that says it’s suitable for ages seven plus, but I kept coming across rooms where people were gyrating and twerking and simulating sex. Users who are 13 should not be able to access that room. People who are seven shouldn’t be able to access that room. But as it stands, they can.

The worst thing is how numb you become. The casual way people were using extremely violent language that was homophobic, racist, sexist meant that after my third or fourth dive into the metaverse, I became desensitised to it. You could see it happening with other people, too. There were rooms where the most racist conversations were going on, and other people were just chilling, not paying attention. It’s a space in which it’s become normalised.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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There is NO SUCH THING as ‘AI’!!!! INTELLIGENCE, by it’s VERY NATURE, CANNOT be ARTIFICIAL! ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is an OXYMORON! It’s like saying that ‘DRY WATER’ exists.


I wonder if these trolls are really truly sinful or just wrecking Meta’s metaverse on purpose knowing the true and much greater sinful nature of Zucker’s vision?


This is a propaganda piece to promote the Online Safety Bill in the UK, which is a dire threat to free speech and alternative media.


Yes I thought the same. I also noticed it promoted use of online ID. It’s the Guardian so to be expected. Can’t believe I used to be a regular reader and think this paper was the best of the bunch in the U.K. !

Lee Anne

This is why PARENTS need to be the grownup and NOT let their kids unfettered access to the internet. If parents went on and shut down their kids’ accounts then the big tech would actually offer monitored areas for kids while letting adults have free speech areas.