When Elon Musk Hooked Up With The Pagan Witch

Musk and Grimes flashing occult sign
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When Technocrat Musk met Transhumanist/occultist Grimes, they spawned a baby in 2020 whose given name is “X Æ A-XII”. Now a toddler, X Æ A-XII calls his mother by her birth name, “Claire”. Even though Musk and Grimes are recently separated, the connection has been forever established: Technocracy and Transhumanism are joined at the hip like Siamese Twins and shrouded in occult darkness.

Grimes’ lyrics in the music video below correctly reveals the ultimate intent of these evil twins: “What will it take to make you capitulate? We appreciate power, we appreciate power…” ⁃ TN Editor

Everyone knows the old saying: “Behind every technocrat is a transhumanist sorceress.” Nothing lasts forever, though, except the immortal soul and silicon.

In the tradition of celebrity lovebirds, Elon Musk just announced he’s splitting with the techno-pagan pop star Grimes (or “c”, or “War Nymph,” or whatever she’s calling herself these days). But the world’s richest man assured gossip writers they’re still on good terms. After all, Musk and Grimes have their son X Æ A-Xii to raise. Some say he has his father’s eyes.

For the consumer class, celebrity technocrats are exalted as idols. Even after their nasty separation, Bill and Melinda Gates are adored as heroic philanthropists. On a spiritual level, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan represent a postmodern fusion of Western Judaism and Eastern Buddhism.

As cultural icons, Musk and Grimes blend his tech expertise with her dark transhumanist vision. Grimes’s pop fantasies—deeply rooted in futurism and the occult—are being realized alongside Musk’s innovations.

In the same way that rock n’ roll foretold America’s current chemical dependency and loose sexual norms, rave culture is a herald of fashionable technocracy.

Kneeling to the Highest Power

Even as a casual techno fan, I never paid attention to Grimes until a wise right-wing blogger noticed her 2018 single “We Appreciate Power.” The catchy, if intensely irritating track is a hymn to a super-conscious Computer God. The lyrics portray humanity living in a virtual simulation, ruled over by divinized artificial intelligence—to whom every knee shall bend. The sappy bridge is about uploading the mind to achieve digital immortality.

Biology is superficial

Intelligence is artificial




The song may be the most annoying sound anyone’s made since Billy Idol recorded “Neuromancer” in 1993. But hearing Grimes pray to AI on YouTube—with over 23 million views and counting—it seems like a significant cultural moment.

Maybe it’s her romantic connection to Elon Musk—the tycoon who plans to sell Neuralink brain implants for cognitive enhancement and populate cities with scrawny robot slaves—a man who advocates universal basic income while praising China as a “global leader in digitalization.” Or maybe the starlet is unsettling on her own merits.

Celebrities do all sorts of weird things, but Grimes takes it to future shock levels. She claims to have eliminated blue light from her vision “through an experimental surgery that removes the top film of [her] eyeball and replaces it with an orange ultra-flex polymer…as a means to cure seasonal depression.” The singer says she gobbles a handful of supplements every day to amp up her mitochondria. “From that point,” she told her 2.1 million Instagram fans, “I spend 2-4 hours in my deprivation tank, this allows me to ‘astro-glide’ to other dimensions—past, present, and future.”

Her stories may be as preposterous as Musk’s fully autonomous Tesla, but in both cases, it’s the symbolism that counts. As every parent or schoolteacher knows, a primary instinct behind cultural evolution is “monkey see, monkey do.” Role models replicate from the top down.

In 2020, Grimes released Miss Anthropocene, “a concept album about the anthropomorphic Goddess of Climate Change: A psychedelic, space-dwelling demon/beauty-Queen who relishes the end of the world.” As a foil to this deity, Grimes created a bald baby avatar—dubbed War Nymph—to inhabit our new age of social media and virtual reality.

“Everyone is living two lives,” she told The Face, “their digital life and their offline life.” She added,

The avatar allows us to play to the strengths of digital existence rather than be a human trying to navigate a world that isn’t made for us. … We also wanted to develop a new species that would be ready for the next evolution in media. Something that can transport our identities to worlds that simply can’t exist in reality. … I’m also pregnant.”

She went on to describe something that resembles a personal philosophy.

The existence of consciousness seems like God to me. Maybe we’ve been looking outside ourselves for an answer, but perhaps we are the answer. … Or maybe we’re in a simulation that is more purposeful, being run by someone with a plan. As I get deeper, I become less skeptical of intelligent design.”

Typical of flaky pop stars, Grimes is both inspired and totally incoherent. Given that freedom, she offers a window into the scattered mentality of our cultural elite. Last year on Earth Day, her War Nymph avatar declared, “A capitalist-socialist technocracy would be ideal. Strong safety net, compensation for motherhood. leadership [sic] via ethical tech like lab grown meat (cruelty free)”

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About the Editor

Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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There are a few books that I’ve run into, incidentally, in the past two years that go right along with Patrick’s work concerning this, that really help support and put it all into context. Some of this coming from the world of Celebrity is for hyperbolic-shock-value, of course, which its right along nicely with Strategy-of-Tension, Oded Yinon style balkanization tactics- because lets face it, no one really likes this stuff except maybe a twelve year old, who’s parents have probably never been there for them, or someone just trying to tag-along, get their foot in the door for the new… Read more »


Most people don’t know that Donald Trump has a Kabbala teacher, as one pointed out that he claimed so in his book, ‘The Art of a Deal”. Knowing this then, all our leaders are into witchcraft of one sort or another. Not only this his pastor was 33 degree free mason Normon Vincent Peale (died in 1993) who brain washed ‘Christians’ by the millions, as did Trump. His followers are still waiting to be saved by him whom they call king Cyrus. Q-Anon was a psyop which led ‘Christians’ further into apostasy as he taught a ‘great awakening’ was coming.… Read more »


Most of what you’ve shared is spot on. However, it is God’s Word itself which is “all truth;” not the KJV exclusively; it is a translation from Hebrew and Greek. By this I simply mean that people of all cultures and nations do not need to read KJV English as a prerequisite in order to be saved; they can read a translation of the Scriptures in their own language. (It should be abundantly clear that God did not speak in KJV English; neither is it a perfect translation. For one, there are known errors in the Masoretic text from which… Read more »

electra ruby

My garden is coming on really nice. Bluebells bursting into flower. Cherry tree in blossom. Spent the afternoon spreading home made compost over the beds. Now compost! What an alchemical miracle that is. Am listening to the last trills of the blackbirds evening song. G’night everyone!


Everyone is living two lives, their physical life and their spiritual life.
Everyone will be convinced of this at their death when they meet the Triune God.


That baby name is on the same level as ‘the artist formerly known as Prince’. Sad for the child. Their relationship comes under the heading: Anyone can procreate but few, very, very few are good parents–even with money. “Cultural elite” OMG. NO. She’s a cultural DON’T and a flash in the pan. The woman has watched WAY too much sci-fi, given her statements about her ideas of the future as well as her obvious and considerable lack of understanding about anything outside herself in the world. She’ll be penniless and an outcast soon enough. Wait and see. Elon Musk? Does… Read more »

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Brett A Gleason

Thx for the headache.


If you even take a partial look at Musk, Gates and other Billionares, it’s quite easy to see there is something mentally wrong with them. Why are people so inthralled with them to the point of following their insanity where they are allowing humanity to be destroyed? I am not nor do I ever want to be a machine. Machines are not living things.


They all have one thing in common. They are possessed by demons. When a demon possesses a person the person is not able to be his own and is animated by the demons. Many movie star has said, that they have a spirit guide that is what they call them, but they are demons. Example by the name of Sasha possesses Beyonce, See here from her own lips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AA5G8vCl9w also Nancy Peloci: https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/cnsnewscom-staff/pelosi-repeats-spirits-susan-b-anthony-elizabeth-cady-stanton-lucretia there are many more examples for sure. Just punch in ‘spirit guides’ in your search engine. All these people are deceived!

John Balissh

Don’t forget Biden’s Cornpop.


Brainwashed by constant media propaganda since birth. Unfortunately, nothing has come along to awaken them from the FakeSM dream. That will be changing very soon.

Vickie Zaccardo

They are obviously not right in the head.

Steve Prewitt

Their was a paid infomercial (unconfirmed but obvious to me) on PBS the other night, deifying Musk and his genius and business acumen and his love fest with NASA (Never A Straight Answer) My wife loved it, I found it nauseating . Does anyone remember when the rocket was invented?? My sources think sometime in the 12th century, but let’s not quibble – it was a long effing time ago. So we have this “genius” at the “cutting edge” of technology who pans go to Mars using rocket propulsion – a 900 year old technology-WOW. Long story short someone needs… Read more »


Agree. Musk’s technology is ancient but he and his predator buddies have access to technology they’ve been stealing away from inventors for a very, very, very long time. Last count in 2019 there over 1500 patents (FACT) that addressed better, non-polluting and cheap energy which were pulled into the dark hole of nothingness. The globalist criminal cartel could not or did not want to put a meter on them when stolen. Nevertheless, they either bought the invention or intimidated the inventor/scientists to dump it and even murdered some to prevent those inventions from being known. The globalists play both sides… Read more »

Steve Prewitt

You may have run across Catherine Austin Fitts, former undersecretary of Housing under Jack Kemp. She “follows the money” and concludes there is a Civilization 1.0 and 2.0. The second civilization is feeding off the dying Civ. 1.0 (that’s us) to fund their new “super technologies” ie anti gravitics, interplanetary travel, etc, etc. NASA is the Bread and Circus for all of us taxpaying rubes. She has documented $21 trillion (and counting) of unaccounted for funds from our USG /MIC. This really puts “The Great Reset” and the Deep State in perspective. Nothing is as it appears…


We are definitly NOT 1.0

[…] Read More: When Elon Musk Hooked Up With The Pagan Witch […]

[…] Read More: When Elon Musk Hooked Up With The Pagan Witch […]

Vickie Zaccardo

God help us. I just finished revisiting Orwell 1984 ( how dismal) and still revisiting Dune. With do they actually call the kid?

Vickie Zaccardo

But how in the world is that proounced!?😳