World Mayors Gather To Plot Against Trump On Climate Change

World Mayors 2016
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Mayors of the world are already lining up against Trump’s anticipated climate policy changes, including several mayors from the United States.  TN Editor

Mayors from scores of the world’s biggest cities gathered in Mexico Wednesday to plot their strategy for fighting climate change in the face of skepticism from U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

As leaders of busy, polluted cities home to millions of people, they want countries to push on with adopting the so-called Paris Agreement to limit harmful emissions – an accord that Trump has cast doubt on.

“In the aftermath of this election there’s never been a more important time for those city leaders to stay on course – the whole world is counting on them,” said Clover Moore, mayor of Sydney, Australia.

Mayors from members of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group were gathering under the chairmanship of Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Trump has in the past vowed to tear up international climate agreements, though the Republican real-estate magnate said in an interview last week that he has an “open mind” about supporting global accords.

The billionaire had called global warming a “hoax” invented by the Chinese and not scientifically proven.

Hidalgo has vowed to push “for the world’s biggest and most influential cities to mobilize to make sure the Paris Agreement is fulfilled.”

“Mexico, Paris and other cities will announce new measures to fight against air pollution,” she said.

Mayors of major U.S. cities including Chicago, Washington, New Orleans, Austin and Phoenix are due to attend to discuss potential resistance from Trump, who will take office on Jan. 20 after winning the Nov.8 election.

Hidalgo and other mayors were due to officially launch the three-day meeting on Wednesday evening.

The C40 groups 85 cities including London, New York, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Seoul.

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Laurence Jones

The C40 ‘Compact of Mayors was launched by UN Secretary – General and his Special Envoy for for Cities and Climate Change, Michael Bloomberg, under the leadership of the world’s global city networks -C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group C40, ICLEI -Local Governments for Sustainability the United Nation’s ‘International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives Global, and the United Cities and Local Governments {UCLG} – with support from UN – Habitat. ICLEI Global, through ICLEI Oceania {Aust and NZ} have been covertly dictating policies at all levels of Australian Government since 1992. Successive Australian Governments have never allowed Australians a democratic vote… Read more »