November 14, 2017

University: Spraying Aerosols Into Atmosphere Will Cause ‘Climate Chaos’

Geoengineering is already underway and is proving to be extremely dangerous to the world’s ecosystem. Scientists at University of Exeter are blowing the whistle and calling for strict regulation before uncontainable damage is done. Up to this point, the Technocrat mindset on chemically dousing the atmosphere has been that since they are right (in their mind only), they need no permission or consultation with anyone else. 

The Dark, Darker And Darkest Side Of Science

This is a thoughtful article but does not recognize that Technocracy is a global ideology intent on capturing the entire planet into a scientific dictatorship. If successful, the concepts of freedom and liberty will be permanently snuffed out, with no means of escape.

FDA Approves First Digital Pill For Behavior Modification

As one Technocrat physician stated, ““When patients don’t adhere to lifestyle or medications that are prescribed for them, there are really substantive consequences”. Healthcare enters a new phase as treatment is delivered by enforceable drug regimens. Physicians will be mandated to use digital drugs or face censure or dismissal. Physicians are already subject to “Evidence-Based Medicine” (EBM) where treatments are mandated from above, with penalties for non-compliance. 

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