January 14, 2021


HSBC Threatens Bank Account Termination For Refusing To Wear Masks

Mask madness has infected global banks as HSBC has threatened to cut off bank accounts for anyone who refuses to wear a mask. This is blatant punishment that can cause catastrophic damage and financial loss to those afflicted. The UK is in a tailspin comparable to Alice in Wonderland, except it is Debby in Dystopia.

Claim: Facial Recognition AI Can Reveal Your Political Party

The question is not that this actually works, but that they believe it works. Belief and reality are two different things, and society is steeped in deception over what is real and factual. They should test to see if the AI works better during a full moon.

No Joke: Bugs Are On The Way To Your Dinner Plate

Ever since the UN published Agenda 21 in 1992, it has claimed that raising animals is “unsustainable” and that humans should instead eat plants and insects. Not that Big Ag has figured out that it is cheaper to mass produce bugs, they have decided that you are going to eat them.