October 5, 2021

Here Is The Web Of Technocrat Propagandists Who Silence Truth

Technocrat propaganda has risen to levels never seen before as multiple propagandist giants band together to blanket the the world with false and fabricated narratives. Obscuring truth, shaming and marginalizing detractors, slandering, and defaming are a few of their tools used to promote their narrative while denying all others the ability to refute.

NIH Director Collins Resigns Over Gain-Of-Function Lies

One top medical Technocrat bites the dust in shame as he resigns after 10 years of leadership at the National Institute of Health. Along with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Collins was up to his eyeballs in denials of funding gain-of-function research for coronavirus in the US and China. Fauci seems to be more thick-skinned than Collins, resisting demands to resign.