October 18, 2021

Psychosis Referrals Up 75% In Pandemic Saturated England

Hearing voices in your head? Hallucinating? It is likely a byproduct of pandemic policies like constant fear mongering, social exclusion, lockdowns, wearing masks, etc. As a result, suicide rates are skyrocketing and lives and families are being ruined for years or decades. Literally, the “madness” must stop!

Newsom Orders Shots For State Workers, 40% Say ‘Stick It”

It has been reported to me by a top medical professional that the actual vaccination rate among most groups in America is being greatly inflated. This rings true in deep-blue California where Gov. Newsom flatly ordered all state workers to take the shot. While 60% might have “obeyed”, at least 40% have not! Will Newsom fire the “deniers”?