September 2021

Fully Vaccinated Couple Dies From COVID Within Minutes Of Each Other

The mRNA gene therapy injections have failed to protect recipients from catching and dying from the COVID virus. Reports are surfacing all over the world claiming that the majority of recently hospitalized patients are fully vaccinated, and yet global Technocrats demand that everyone take the shot anyway. Why? Is there an ulterior motive to these injections that has nothing to do with the health of citizens?

How The Great Reset Is Accelerating Into Global Tyranny

Since 1978, I have stated that the global elite’s goal is to grab all of the resources of the world, leaving no private ownership for anyone else. When I discovered historic Technocracy, it was clear that it was the means used to do so. Today, it is in-your-face obvious. If they are successful, it will represent the greatest heist in the history of the world.

Kaboom: YouTube Bans ALL Anti-Vaccine Content

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” YouTube and Google are the self-declared arbiters of evil, not truth, and they say evil is any negative information about unapproved gene therapy injections. Consequently, thousands of legitimate doctors, scientists and health professionals are disenfranchised from the world’s largest video platform. 

Italy Decrees That Companies Not Pay Unvaccinated Workers

The cradle of Western civilization is now the cradle of outright tyranny. Italy is leading the way to crush freedom and liberty by forcing every citizen to be vaccinated and carry the “green pass”. Obey or lose your means of survival, namely your paycheck and your savings as you also pay huge fines for disobedience.

Bill Gates: The Figurehead of Modern Technocracy

Bill Gates is a ruthless monopolist with visions of global dominance. His tentacles manipulate education, geo-engineering, climate, agriculture, population surveillance, genetics, medicine and governments. He is singularly the most important driver of the pandemic and mandated vaccine policies.

NY State Crushes Healthcare Workers For Defying Vaccine Mandate

Anyone who cannot see the unmitigated tyranny behind these actions is either blind or willfully ignorant. Yesterday’s healthcare “heroes” are now being thrown under the bus as today’s “scum”, being suddenly and forcefully ejected from lifelong careers without unemployment benefits or any other consideration. Some of these banned workers will go from a fruitful career to homelessness in the course of a few weeks.

Endgame: Forced Vaccination Targets WEF ‘Great Reset’ As Outcome

Don’t be “gaslighted” by the World Economic Forum or the Big Pharma medical system: These have declared war on humanity by ripping apart the fabric of society through tyranny. It is a scorched-earth strategy that provides the survivors with the opportunity to “build back better.” The losers will left in a state of neo-feudalism where “you will own nothing and be happy.”

Telosa: A Technocratic City In The Making

Utopia, aka Technocracy, by any other name is still Utopia and not one single attempt to built it has ever succeeded. Yet,  the billionaire class continue the myth by promoting new efforts on virtually ever continent on earth. Telosa is the latest iteration to build a city from the ground up to model their dreams.

DNA Vaccines: Changing The Genetic Makeup Of Humanity

Invented by scientists in India, this is “the first plasmid DNA vaccine that has been authorized for human use” and purports to inject so-called ‘naked DNA” under the skin of your arm. When inducted into the patient’s DNA, permanent changes to the germ-line will pass the genetic modifications to offspring.