September 30, 2021

Fully Vaccinated Couple Dies From COVID Within Minutes Of Each Other

The mRNA gene therapy injections have failed to protect recipients from catching and dying from the COVID virus. Reports are surfacing all over the world claiming that the majority of recently hospitalized patients are fully vaccinated, and yet global Technocrats demand that everyone take the shot anyway. Why? Is there an ulterior motive to these injections that has nothing to do with the health of citizens?

How The Great Reset Is Accelerating Into Global Tyranny

Since 1978, I have stated that the global elite’s goal is to grab all of the resources of the world, leaving no private ownership for anyone else. When I discovered historic Technocracy, it was clear that it was the means used to do so. Today, it is in-your-face obvious. If they are successful, it will represent the greatest heist in the history of the world.