November 16, 2022

Mass Exodus Of Doctors And Nurses May Lead To Total Collapse Of The U.S. Medical System

Medical Technocrats have succeeded in destroying the medical system in America as a mass exodus of seasoned doctors and nurses flee the industry. This destruction started long before COVID with “evidence-based” medicine where unseen Technocrats dictated treatment for patients they had never seen or cared about. When the COVID plandemic hit, ethical medical personnel were forced out.

Beyond Censorship: Destroying Dissenters Through Cyberwarfare

When a military grade cyberwarfare attack is leveled at globalist narrative dissenters, it is comparable to a Predator  drone striking out of nowhere. The result can be not only devastating but existential. Technocrats are quietly training the big guns of cyberwarfare on citizens to dare to question globalist policies, objectives and players. Answer: speak up, speak out.

New York Federal Reserve To Test Digital Dollar With Big Banks

Technocrats within the central bank network around the world have developed working technology for Central Bank Digital Currency and are now testing their inventions. For the NY Fed to call this a “digital dollar” and “distributed blockchain” are misnomers: they should be a CBDC and centralized bank transactions. Big banks are eagerly cooperating with the Fed.