November 2, 2022

The Control Network: Laundering Money With Total Immunity

Over the years, I have written several papers on global banking, central banks and in particular, about the Bank for International Settlements. Corey Lynn, sponsored by the Solari Report (Catherine Austin Fitts) digs deep into the central bank/monetary world to reveal the largest money laundering machine of all time. To call this monster a giant vampire squid is an understatement. 

German Energy Company Takes Down Windmills To Make Room For Coal Mining

Irony is as irony does. Greens in Germany are freaking out as at least one energy company is dismantling windmills to dig for coal. After decades of pushing Europe’s super-state into irrational and destructive green policies, reality has smacked others into figuring out that not dying in the winter is more important than appeasing “mother earth” and its Gaia worshippers.