November 21, 2022

UN Secretary-General’s Statement Concluding COP27 In Egypt

Blather, blather, blather. Last time I looked, we are not “facing a burning planet.” In fact, cold temperatures at the South Pole this November have shattered all records since data collection started in 1957. Well, don’t bother the United Nations with the facts: they wouldn’t know what to do with them if their lives depended on it.

Killing By Drone: Hunting Enemies In Urban Combat

To a Technocrat, efficiency is like catnip is to a cat – it cannot be resisted even to the point of creating automated killing machines. Why get your hands dirty, anyway? And if you make a mistake and kill the wrong person. well, just write that off to occasional collateral damage or friendly fire. This arms race cannot be stopped at this point.

6G, Internet Of Bodies: Globalists Won’t Stop Hacking Humans

If you think 5G is bad, you won’t want to know about 6G, which will introduce the Internet of Bodies (IoB), potentially tying all humans into a global “hive mind”. Unproductive members who do nothing but consume “precious” resources, will be targeted for removal; the ultimate technocrat reasoning is that humans and all other resources are on the same level. Thus, cutting back on humans is no different than cutting down trees in the forest.

Technocracy And Totalitarianism: The Rise Of The Biomedical Security State

This is an excerpt from Aaron Kheriaty’s new book, The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State. It is highly recommended: “In our own day, the pseudo-scientific ideology that drives societies in a totalitarian direction is┬áscientism, which must be clearly distinguished from┬áscience.”

Lockdown Policies Are Alive And Well In The Globalist Assault Playbook

The Technocrat cabal are maneuvering to institutionalize lockdown as an effective tool of social engineering, bringing tyranny and totalitarianism to a new level. Those who fought (and won) against pandemic lockdowns have no cause to gloat or rest. Would-be global conquerers will send in waves of tyranny until there is no avenue of escape or winning left. Will you rise to the fore?