China’s Endless COVID Hysteria Is A Dark Social Engineering Experiment

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China is a Technocracy bent on practicing its “science of social engineering”. It led the charge to subjugate the entire planet with COVID hysteria based on a bioengineered virus. Data collected from all nations will be analyzed and used in the next wave of attack, whatever that might be. There will be more… ⁃ TN Editor

There are many people that will say that Americans “rolled over” in the face of covid restrictions and vaccine pressures despite extensive evidence that neither of these things had any effect on stopping or stalling the pandemic. But the notion of American pacifism is simply not true. If it were then the US would be looking a lot more like China right now.

Growing opposition to meaningless covid lockdowns and the vaccine passports was a mainstay in the US that made government enforcement impossible. Joe Biden’s attempt to introduce federal vax passport rules for businesses failed miserably, red states defied the lockdowns within a few months of the start of the pandemic and the states that kept restrictions in place had HIGHER rates of infection while their economies sank. When it became clear to the establishment that millions of Americans were not going to comply, they had to back off.

Even blue states and cities have been forced to acknowledge that the farce is over; Los Angeles County tried to reintroduce mask mandates recently and the measure collapsed in failure as many municipalities said they planned to ignore any new ordnance. Covid’s median Infection Fatality Rate of 0.23% was not enough of a threat to convince the public to abandon their constitutional rights.

Without the millions of courageous people that refused to comply our country might look very different today. The CCP has faced little public opposition over their draconian covid rules, and when they do, they don’t worry much because the population is completely disarmed. This has resulted in a veritable nightmare world for the citizenry. In fact, it almost seems like an experiment to find out how much psychological torture and oppression human beings are willing to endure.

Mandate cheerleaders boasted endlessly about how China effectively stopped the spread and was ready to reopen while the western world floundered because we refused to submit and accept medical tyranny “for the greater good.” Now these same people are silent as China goes though an array of outbreaks and lockdowns that cycle perpetually. In the meantime, most of the west has reopened and some places (like dozens of conservative states) have been open well over two years. Remember when leftists and foreign governments said we would be dying off in the streets and ruing our decision to follow the science rather than the hysteria? Yeah, the great cleansing of conservatives they were hoping for never happened.

Open authoritarian systems require dramatic participation by the people being controlled. They have to want to be locked down, otherwise the system cannot continue and it will eventually be toppled. One has to wonder, do the Chinese people even remember anymore why they are locking down? Or, have they just accepted the mandates as the new normal?

Currently, mass covid testing is a regular practice in most major population centers in China. Almost every large indoor business or government building requires proof of a negative covid test. This incessant testing is part of China’s “zero covid” policy, and has led to testing booths in almost every neighborhood.

China has been perfecting the use of QR codes and tracking apps to keep the public cataloged; without these apps and codes a Chinese citizen would find it impossible to get a job or participate in the economy. They would die from starvation first; the minuscule chance of dying from covid would be the furthest thing from their mind.

Though PCR testing often reads asymptomatic cases as exactly the same as full blown infections, the CCP does not recognize the difference and treats every case as if each person is Patient Zero in a zombie apocalypse. For example, a six-year-old boy with asymptomatic covid tested positive and was found through tracking apps to have visited an IKEA store in Shanghai a couple of days earlier. So, rather than admitting that the testing and tracking is a failed system that does nothing to prevent covid spread, CCP authorities instead tried to lockdown the IKEA building with hundreds of people inside for a week. Here was the result:

Testing madness has even spread to the animals. The government is now requiring testing for 5 million fisherman as well as testing of the FISH being delivered by commercial fishing vessels to Chinese ports.

The image of a fish being swabbed for covid is rather hilarious, but it’s important to note that the CCP probably isn’t stupid enough to believe that covid is transmitted through seafood. More likely what this is about is initiating a firestorm of public conditioning to convince the population that covid is around every corner and under every bed forever. The goal here is to engage in a constant fear campaign to make the people more compliant. It is an assessment to see what the government can get away with. And, in China at least, they can get away with quite a lot.

The Orwellian horror that China represents has essentially killed their tourist industry. Millions of potential foreign visitors now fear that they could be trapped within China’s borders if they time their visit to coincide with another surprise mass lockdown. China’s economy suffers extensively from their lockdown culture, but the CCP does not care. The experiment is more important than anything else.

This will never end. Once a government obtains this kind of all pervasive power they will stop at nothing to keep it. While the US has many problems to deal with and many elitists in positions of authority to unseat, at least we have a chance. Some places, like China, are so poisoned by complacency that they can’t escape the boot; it has already landed on them.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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The image of a fish being swabbed for covid is rather hilarious, but it’s important to note that the CCP probably isn’t stupid enough to believe that covid is transmitted through seafood.

Illness can be transmitted through a LOT of media…food is one of the easiest ways.


Well the PCR is not a test, and there is no Covid 19/SARS CoV2 virus. Viruses are not pathogenic, nor even been proven to be contagious. https://rumble . com/v1d33gj-damning-evidence-again-from-virologist-and-immunologist-dr-poornima-wagh-ph . html (also)https://rumble . com/v1gd241-dr.-lee-merritt-and-poornima-wagh-phd . html(have to remove spaces) also video with Dr. Lee Merritt and Dr. Wagh just today 8/22/22 on frankspeech will not beable to post it due to it’s not up yet for repost. It’s 55mins long. All of these prove 100% that Big Pharma has for many years being lying about Germ Theory and Viruses are not the big boogyman. It’s all to sale ‘vaccines’ and… Read more »

Paul Bryce

All the covid pandemic is a distraction from the real issue. DIGITAL GLOBAL ID. The us is not even close to being immune from this as many states already have dates for digital ID which will restrict citizens ability to fly and access any government services. The Banking industry is behind the push since they need it for the one world digital currency. That enslavement is far more worrisome than “covid” which I believe was the distraction.


“…CCP has faced little public opposition over their draconian covid rules…when they do, they don’t worry much because the population is completely disarmed…resulted in a veritable nightmare world for the citizenry.” I listened to a report last week from those individuals posted at the Chinese border and that of Taiwan. They are receiving reports from inside China that the CCP is going door-to-door murdering their opposition and possibly their families (unsure of that part). YES, just shooting them when they open the door. This may sound outrageous to Americans or even unbelievable BUT it’s a tried-and-true historical manner of dealing… Read more »

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[…] Read More: China’s Endless COVID Hysteria Is A Dark Social Engineering Experiment […]

[…] China’s Endless COVID Hysteria Is A Dark Social Engineering Experiment […]