CovidPass: Technocrats’ Lust For Mass Submission

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More journalists are openly writing about Technocracy, thanks to many excellent and recent interviews with your Technocracy News & Trends editor, Patrick Wood. Furthermore, additional research is now being conducted across a wider range of investigative journalists and writers. ‚ĀÉ TN Editor

Here we go again.

After I have extensively documented the¬†numerous ‘Immunity Passport’ schemes¬†(including ID0202, COVI-PASS, and many more) that were in the works in my long series on this whole¬†Plandemic agenda to vaccinate/chip us all, it seems that the powers-that-really-shouldn’t-be technocrats are at it again.

This time, the flavor of the day is:¬†CovidPass. You know, typical run-of-the-mill ‘Solution’ in the¬†Problem-Reaction-Solution¬†technique they love to employ.

It is already being touted as the panacea that will magically put an end to all the Covid-19 disruptions that have [supposedly] ruined our entire way of life and removed all that is “normal”.

We all know that this has been a highly-coordinated plan to further entrap and enslave us all; the ultimate goal being total control of our lives in terms of movement, health, and financial freedom.

So, what is CovidPass and what is the WEF (World Economic Forum) scheming?

Before looking at this development in their own words, we first need to look at who exactly makes up the WEF.

If you don’t know who the WEF (World Economic Forum) are, you better become familiar with them, for they are comprised of some of the most powerful players that shape financial, political, and societal norms that affect you.

In a nutshell, they are the “power elite” that work trough various means to implement their plans for greater control. The best term that has been used to describe this group is:¬†technocrats.

They wish to impose a worldwide system of technocracy in which everything is controlled by systems that they have devised in order to control and enslave us all.

While people fear socialism, communism, or fascism coming to their shores, the real, highly underestimated, threat is that of a technocracy which is unmistakably supported by Big Tech outfits like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well as the International Banking Cabal.

I won’t go into a lengthy description of what a technocracy entails and how the mindset of technocrats work, but if you want to learn more about this system look no further than the leading expert on the matter, namely¬†Patrick Wood. The following two sources are also excellent ways to brush up on the threat:

With that important backdrop out of the way, let’s return to the subject at hand, the¬†CovidPass.

Here are a few¬†highlights¬†directly from the WEF’s own report entitled¬†Could this COVID-19 ‚Äėhealth passport‚Äô be the future of travel and events?¬†(July 2020) starting with their selling points [emphasis added]:

    • Rising COVID-19 infection rates pose a threat to global tourism.
    • A new app acts as a health passport for travellers (sic) who are virus-free.
    • Using blockchain technology, it provides an encrypted record of test results.
    • Its creators say it could allow healthy travellers (sic) to avoid quarantine.
    • The app could also allow sports and entertainment venues to reopen safely, as well as the global conference and exhibition industry.

Thousands of summer holidays are now up in the air, following a series of COVID-19 flare-ups around the world, with trips cancelled and travellers (sic) forced to quarantine when they return home.

Once again, typical Problem-Solution they present as per the Problem-Reaction-Solution manifesto.

First phase complete. Check.


Now, a new health passport app promises to restore confidence to the travel industry, which has been badly hit by the pandemic. Global tourism shrank by 97% in April, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

A possible solution
CovidPass is the brainchild of one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, Mustapha Mokass. It also involves other YGLs across 5 continents, including Muna AbuSulayman and Peggy Liu. CovidPass uses blockchain technology to store encrypted data from individual blood tests, allowing users to prove that they have tested negative for COVID-19.

I’ve warned about this before. They wish to store your personal health and medical information on blockchain on a centralized database. And they wish to make it mandatory, for without it you won’t be able to travel internationally. That is the plan these technocrats have in mind.

Meanwhile, governments are faced with a variety of different testing regimes to validate the health of travellers. ‚ÄúThis isn‚Äôt enough to reassure tourists or health authorities”, says Mokass.

They are also [conveniently] positioning their sought scheme by pointing to inefficient and uncoordinated testing regimes employed by various governments; all with the intent of coordinating/standardizing these into one seamless system. This is the form of mind control ploys they use on useful idiot politicians who become all to pliant to their demands. They have been using such tactics for decades to great effect (and detriment to populations).

Mokass hopes his app, which is launching in September, will become a standardized solution for airlines, airports and border agencies, and eliminate quarantine for healthy travellers. CovidPass could also allow hotels, cinemas, theatres, sporting and concert venues to reopen safely.

Again, I warned about how they would use such kinds of ‘Immunity Passports’ to force us all to submit, for if we don’t we won’t be able to travel, book hotels, go to sporting events, the cinema, etc.

I think what these technocratic idiots don’t realize is that the masses will not stand for this. But their arrogance and hubris certainly won’t stop them from trying. They do have this ‘God complex’ and think they are the masters of the universe and are the only ones who can dictate viable solutions to complex problems.

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Keep posted these, Patrick. I’ve gotten to the point that I can’t even look at that stupid WHO Director’s face. He’s such a liar.