Mercola: Yes, SARS-CoV-2 Is Real Virus

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Mercola points out the importance and necessity of self-policing misinformation and disinformation about SARS-CoV-2 because unsubstantiated claims made by some simply adds fuel to the propaganda that claims all people who are concerned about COVID treatment and injection injuries are conspiracy theorists. ⁃ TN Editor


> SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated, photographed, genetically sequenced, and exists as a pathogenic entity

> The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grows the virus in cell culture to ensure widespread availability for researchers who want to study it

> At least part of the confusion appears to be rooted in how the term “isolated” is defined. Some insist a virus is not isolated unless it’s also purified, while others say a virus doesn’t have to be purified in order to be “isolated”

> Another sticking point for some is whether or not SARS-CoV-2 has ever been isolated from a human subject without passing it through animal cells, as such media could be contaminated and therefore the source of the virus

> Researchers have verified that the genetic sequence of the virus obtained from the American Type Culture Collection, a global resource center for reference microorganisms, is an exact match to the virus found in people with symptomatic COVID-19

While some still claim SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t actually exist, this seems to fly in the face of several well-established facts. The virus has actually been photomicrographed,1,2 whole-genome sequences of the various strains are available,3,4 and with the appropriate credentials anyone can obtain the live virus to conduct research.

While I am absolutely no fan of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they do grow the virus in cell culture to ensure widespread availability for researchers who want to study it.5 Examples of research where you need the actual virus include antiviral research, vaccine development, virus stability research and pathogenesis research.6

What’s the Confusion?

At least part of the confusion appears to be rooted in how the term “isolated” is defined. Some insist a virus is not isolated unless it’s also purified, while others say a virus doesn’t have to be purified in order to be “isolated.”

Steve Kirsch claims to have asked several experts about this, noting that all, including Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Li-Meng Yan, say that the virus has indeed been “isolated.” “So, it has been ‘isolated’ according to their belief in what the term means,” Kirsch writes, adding:7

“Others interpret the term differently and would claim the virus hasn’t been isolated. In fact, according to their definition, no virus in history has ever been isolated. That’s important to know. They use that as justification for their belief that there is no virus here since viruses don’t exist at all.”

When Kirsch asked his readers for input, one pointed out:8

“The real question is … has it been isolated from a HUMAN subject w/o passing it through (say) Monkey Kidney Cells? Because there is plenty of evidence out there that says it hasn’t been isolated directly (no intermediaries) from a HUMAN subject.”

According to Kirsch, the scientists he spoke with did not agree that this was a concern, and “Sabine Hazan verified that the sequence of the virus obtained from ATCC [the American Type Culture Collection, a global resource center for reference microorganisms] matched exactly what she found in people who have the virus.”9

As noted in Hazan’s paper, “Detection of SARS-CoV-2 From Patient Fecal Samples by Whole Genome Sequencing”:10

“Study participants underwent testing for SARS-CoV-2 from fecal samples by whole genome enrichment NGS [next-generation sequencing] (n = 14), and RT-PCR nasopharyngeal swab analysis (n = 12).

The concordance of SARS-CoV-2 detection by enrichment NGS from stools with RT-PCR nasopharyngeal analysis was 100%. Unique variants were identified in four patients, with a total of 33 different mutations among those in which SARS-CoV-2 was detected by whole genome enrichment NGS.”

Germ Theory and Terrain Theory Both Have Merit

As noted by independent journalist and political analyst Jeremy Hammond in a March 2021 interview,11 the claim that SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated and actually doesn’t exist at all is perhaps one of the most counterproductive arguments of the health freedom movement.

By insisting that there is no virus, and that COVID-19 is caused by things like 5G radiation alone, allows the mainstream media to dismiss entirely legitimate concerns about electromagnetic field exposure (EMF) and 5G — including the possibility that it might make some people more vulnerable to infections.

Like Hammond, I believe the pathogenesis of COVID-19 involves both germ theory and terrain theory, not just one or the other. “SARS-CoV-2 infection is an insufficient but necessary factor in the pathogenesis of COVID-19,” Hammond says, adding that “the virus is constantly being isolated and whole genome sequenced by scientists all over the world.”12

That said, environmental factors can clearly play a role, in that they can make you more or less predisposed to severe infection when you encounter this virus. This includes EMFs, toxins like glyphosate, previous vaccine injuries and much more.

Hammond argues that the “COVID-19 pandemic should be a wake-up call to the human population, and especially the populations of developed countries, about the need to focus on natural means of maintaining good health and living in greater harmony with our natural environment.”

Indeed. And, as Hammond points out, pathogenic challenge is absolutely necessary for general good health and strong immunity. When we shield ourselves too much from everyday pathogens, we make ourselves vulnerable to chronic diseases instead.

SARS-CoV-2 Genome Sequencing From Italy

As for whether SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated and exists as a viral entity, the answer appears to be yes. For example, an Italian paper13 published in the Journal of Virology, dated May 18, 2020, detailed the isolation and full-length genome of the virus taken from COVID-19 patients in Italy:

“At the beginning of March 2020, the first nasopharyngeal swabs positive for SARS-CoV-2 started to be detected in the Northern Eastern Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia … Swab contents were seeded on Vero E6 cells and monitored for cytopathic effect and by an RT-PCR protocol using primers for the N region.

Cell culture supernatants from passage 1 (P1) of four isolates were collected, and RNA was extracted with QIAamp viral RNA minikit (Qiagen) and quantified with an in vitro-transcribed RNA standard … The quantity and quality of the RNA were assessed … For each sample, 100 ng of total RNA was processed using Zymo-Seq RiboFree ribosomal depletion library preparation kit (Zymo Research).

All the obtained libraries passed quality check and were quantified before being pooled at equimolar concentration and sequenced … Sequenced reads that passed the quality check (Phred score ≥30) were adaptor and quality trimmed, and the remaining reads were assembled de novo using Megahit (v.1.2.9) with default parameter settings.

Megahit generated in all cases 7 contigs with more than 1,000 bp and 100× coverage; all of these assembled contigs were compared (using BLASTn) against the entire nonredundant (nr) nucleotide and protein databases.

In all cases the longest and more covered contigs were identified as MT019532.1,14 ‘Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 isolate BetaCoV/Wuhan/IPBCAMS-WH-04/2019, complete genome,’ with 99% identity and 0 gaps.

The longer sequences were named hCoV-19/Italy/FVG/ICGEB_S1, _S5, _S8, and _S9 and were deposited in GISAID … Sequence analysis showed an uneven coverage along the SARS-CoV-2 genome, with an average range from 126 to 7,576 reads and a mean coverage per sample of 1,169× … Phylogenetic trees were inferred using the maximum likelihood method …

The first sequences deposited in GISAID (EPI_ISL_410545 and EPI_ISL_410546) were collected in Rome from a Chinese tourist from Hubei province who got infected before visiting Italy, and another one (EPI_ISL_412974) was from a test-positive Italian citizen returning from China.

Only two sequences were reported from the Lombardy cluster (EPI_ISL_412973 and EPI_ISL_413489). In this report four additional sequences from cases epidemiologically linked to northern Italy have been examined … Sequence analysis showed a good coverage along the SARS-CoV-2 genome for all four isolates.

Based on the marker variant S D614G, all four sequences grouped in the Bavarian rooted subclade G, which is dominant in Europe, including the sequence from Lombardy, but distinct from the three sequences mentioned above originating directly from China.

Intriguingly, the new isolates were more closely related to EPI_ISL_412973, while EPI_ISL_413489 was more distant. No evidence could be found for the putative 382-nucleotide (nt) deletion in ORF8 detected in Singapore, which has been proposed to indicate an attenuated phenotype.”

SARS-CoV-2 Genome Sequencing From Germany

Similarly, the complete genome sequence of the virus taken from a German woman has been published, this one in the journal Microbiology Resource Announcements, in June 2020.

Here, an oropharyngeal swab sample from a female patient who tested positive but had no symptoms at the time of the test was used to isolate the strain.15 Table 1 in the paper compares the nucleotide variants found in the sampled virus and those of a reference strain already logged in the gene bank.

Another paper16 in Annals of Internal Medicine, published in August 2020, isolated the virus from ocular (eye) secretions of an Italian COVID patient:17

“The patient, a 65-year-old woman, travelled from Wuhan, China, to Italy on 23 January 2020 and was admitted on 29 January 2020, 1 day after symptom onset. At admission to the high isolation unit … she presented with nonproductive cough, sore throat, coryza, and bilateral conjunctivitis. She had no fever until day 4, when fever (38 °C), nausea, and vomiting began.

Infection with SARS-CoV-2 was confirmed by performing real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay on sputum samples (cycle threshold value [Ct], 16.1) on the admission day, followed by viral M gene sequencing (GenBank accession number MT008022), and virus isolation on Vero E6 cell line (2019-nCoV/Italy-INMI1).

The full genome sequence was obtained from either clinical sample or culture isolate (GISAID accession numbers EPI_ISL_410545 and EPI_ISL_410546).”

Genome Sequencing From India and Colombia

SARS-CoV-2 has also been isolated from the urine of a COVID-19 patient.18 A November 2020 paper19 sought to determine “whether various clinical specimens obtained from COVID-19 patients contain the infectious virus,” and found SARS-CoV-2 RNA “in all naso/oropharyngeal swabs and saliva, urine and stool samples collected between Days 8 and 30 of the clinical course.”

Viable SARS-CoV-2 was also found in the nasal washes of ferrets that had been inoculated with urine or stool from a COVID-19 patient. The virus has also been isolated by researchers in the U.S.,20 China,21 India,22 Canada,23 Australia,24 Korea25 and Colombia.26 The Colombian paper reads in part:27

“Objective: To describe the isolation and characterization of an early SARS-CoV-2 isolate from the epidemic in Colombia. Materials and methods: A nasopharyngeal specimen from a COVID-19 positive patient was inoculated on different cell lines.

To confirm the presence of SARS-CoV-2 on cultures we used qRT-PCR, indirect immunofluorescence assay, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, and next-generation sequencing.

Results: We determined the isolation of SARS-CoV-2 in Vero-E6 cells by the appearance of the cytopathic effect three days post-infection and confirmed it by the positive results in the qRT-PCR and the immunofluorescence with convalescent serum.

Transmission and scanning electron microscopy images obtained from infected cells showed the presence of structures compatible with SARS-CoV-2. Finally, a complete genome sequence obtained by next-generation sequencing allowed classifying the isolate as B.1.5 lineage.

The evidence presented in this article confirms the first isolation of SARSCoV-2 in Colombia. In addition, it shows that this strain behaves in cell culture in a similar way to that reported in the literature for other isolates and that its genetic composition is consistent with the predominant variant in the world.”

If Virus Exists, Why Aren’t Certain Studies Done?

As mentioned earlier, the actual virus is needed in order to conduct certain studies. Now, since the virus does exist, we also ought to be able to conduct studies to assess whether the COVID shots cause antibody dependent enhancement (ADE).

As suggested by Kirsch,28 “Give the vaccine to the animals, wait, then expose them to the virus” and see what happens. Does it prevent infection and transmission, or does it make the animals more prone to infection? If the animals got sicker, that would be evidence of ADE, a problem that has plagued coronavirus vaccine research for decades.

It’s why we don’t have a vaccine against the common cold, caused by coronaviruses. Remarkably, this animal research has never been done for the COVID shots. The question is why? Kirsch believes the answer is because “nobody wants to know the answer … The top management of the FDA knows it would kill the vaccine program if they did this.”

On the other hand, the vaccinated, just like the unvaccinated, tend to experience only mild symptoms with Omicron. So, perhaps the shots aren’t causing ADE (which could turn even a milder variant into something deadly).

However, ADE is far from the only concern. Clearly, these shots are associated with a dramatically increased risk of cardiovascular, cardiac and neurological problems. These too could be confirmed through animal studies — rather than testing on our children — and we wouldn’t even need the virus for those.

Either way, I believe it’s scientifically accurate to claim that SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated, genetically sequenced, and that it exists as a pathogenic entity. Getting too far into the weeds of theories that refute the existence of viruses altogether will only slow down and hamper the truth movement rather than aid it along, and I would strongly discourage anyone from engaging in this highly unproductive narrative.

Sources and References

About the Editor

Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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Kathy Saladin

It is not scientifically accurate at all, no virus has ever been isolated in the history of virology and this is easily verified with a little research.




Suggest you do some better journalistic research.


Same day, opposite views.

When this thing is over, we must re-look at everything. We have been lied to for probably over a century and we need to find out the real truth about everything. Most of it can wait until after we win WWlll.


Mmmmm……Not quite true!! LOVE Dr. Mercola…..but he misses the mark, on this one. This is an ENGINEERED BIO-WEAPON that performs like a ‘virus’.


bioweapons can only be toxic. They can’t grow and multiply in the individual and then passed on from human to human.


Totally disagree, sorry. It must be isolated and purified. Period. There was no CoVid. It was the cold and flu season repurposed by the elites and “technocrats” to install the fear. The fear so everyone ran out and took their poison. Now as you can see by the data we have far more cases than in 2020 and 2021. Come on, you are a smart dude, think!


They didn’t “run out and take their poison”. Their freedom of choice was taken, “If you don’t take this, isolate, distant and wear masks, you’ll be imprisoned, beaten up, not allowed to shop, travel, go to work, hospital, university, school, and will be deemed to be a second -class citizen with no rights. Those who stood up to them, and still have to in many countries, are sometimes not even accepted by their own families besideshaving their rights taken from them. While the rich can bribe our governments, Dr’s, teachers etc to do their bidding there is little choice for… Read more »

Patrick Perry

Koch’s postulate, the ‘gold standard’ has not been satisfied.


Not even Rivers’ (Rockefeller Foundation/Big Pharma) altered Koch standard has been satisfied.

[…] Quelle: Mercola: Yes, SARS-CoV-2 Is Real Virus […]


Is very simple and we see still how stupid people are. Sequencing is NOT isolating + all what these virus experts see is from a f*cking computer model or cell cultures with crap in it. The virus does NOT exist period and of course they can see spikes from vaccinated people bc they make it themselves but it does not exist in nature.

Jeezus dumbers wake the **** up


Du uttrycker dig som en dräng med gödsel i huvudet. Inte värd att lyssna till. Men ändå, du som är så säker; var har du dina forskningsdokument publicerade?


And also Reiner Fuelmich does not believe it is isolated and he is surrounded by experts also…

But yes this discussion will solve itself after time. We have other things to do in the meantime and forgot one thing also: if there is a Cov-sars-2 then we know it is man-made= 1+1= NOT natural= NOT a virus out of nature. Period. So hard intellectuals to get your heads around these simple facts! jeez


And if you know it all so much better, then why you do not take this money…

The non-existent virus; an explosive interview with Christine Massey

1,5 million € for a virologist who presents scientific proof of the existence of a corona virus, including documented control experiments of all steps taken in the proof.

So now what? What do we do if this is true? (youtube, link from Solari Report, in unanswered questions section)

+ Dr. Lanka is still open also!


I think you should read the over 300 comments generated by the Mercola article…comments made by people who disagree with him. I follow Mercola and I think he does good research, for the most part. But he’s not always correct and, like all humans, is prone to bias. He’s not a Virologist and he’s made a mistake with this article beginning with the very misleading title that the SARS-CoV-2 virus exists. Many readers of the article have shown Dr Mercola why and where he went wrong with writing this article. Hopefully he will write a follow up correcting his lack… Read more »

Glenn Daniel

I smell a lot of BS in this article. First off the phrase “believe” is used way too often to describe a scientific discovery. 2nd…RT-PCR…See Kary Mullis
It’ll be interesting to see the reactions to this article.




irrefutable documented evidence the plandemic was planned….


genome sequencing is NOT ISOLATING the so called virus…its Koch’s postulates that describe ISOLATING A VIRUS…debate Kaufman and Dr Tom Cowan along with MANY others….


Hate to be that guy, but as of 2:45 GMT 18th Jan you’ve got it as “CARS-CoV-2” in the synopsis – perhaps leaving the door open to the conspiracy theorists by misnaming “the virus”? I do like Piers Corbyn although I don’t subscribe to his 5G theories. I think it was posted on this blog in the comments how the TRUE KILLERS in the jabs are graphene hydroxide razor blades nanostructures one atom thick which cut up blood cells and anything else in their path. For studies, WE ARE THE STUDY a population wide experiment in these dangerous, devilish concoctions… Read more »

bob breeks

SARS-CoV-2 Genome Sequencing From Germany
“Infection with SARS-CoV-2 was confirmed by performing real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)”….. says all you need to know really


It certainly does! It saddens me that Patrick Wood has jumped on the “virus is real” bandwagon, when there is so little proof. I am a scientific editor, and I read actual scientific studies back in the spring of 2020 that made clear the absurdity of using a PCR process/test to diagnose illness. I used to have a lot of respect for Wood, and for Mercola. However, most of us have to pay the mortgage and I’m guessing that Wood and Mercola are no different. The most important myth of the “covid” false narrative is that the “virus” exists. If… Read more »


Is it any more vacuous than the Mercola article? Extremely shallow. Really dishonest. Virology skeptics are very aware of the existence of electron microscopy pictures claimed to depict “viruses”, and of genetic sequencing results. There are questions about all that, 100% ignored. The whole piece is a huge strawman fallacy. The worst is the “shut up conspiracy theorist” message in the end. Virology skepticism is 100% compatible with fighting the tirany. In fact, makes the fight even more urgent. Anyone caring about the cause should try to have a more inclusive talk. This just sounds like trying to maintain mainstream… Read more »


Dr. Mercola seems to be fully in line with the gov. narrative now. Useless to comment any further on this guy.

Sanjoy Mahajan

This article by Mercola is, sadly, one of his worst, independent of its shaky conclusions. It is just a series of appeals to authority capped off with an exhortation to shut up.


By accepting that covid is a contagious virus that spreads from person to person via germs, implies that germs exist. But scientifically germs have never been proven to exist. That’s why it’s called germ theory. If germs don’t exist, then covid as a virus can’t exist.

Tom M.

I like Dr. Mercola but on this issue he is dead wrong. Germ Theory and Terrain Theory are NOT compatible but are diametrically opposed to each other. Dr. M needs to read and watch videos that have been put out by Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Stefan Lanka, and others. They totally destroy the Germ Theory and the alleged Sars-CoV-2 ‘virus’. Dr. Lanka even proved in the German Supreme Court a few years back that the measles ‘virus’ does not exist. I find it puzzling that Dr. Mercola doesn’t mention any of the above named Dr.’s in his… Read more »


Yes, Mercola certainly seems to handpick his “experts,” which are those who agree with his theory.


Mr Wood, please don’t lower yourself to name calling as it is most certainly beneath you. Just because I have a divergent opinion is no reason to go negative. We can simply agree to disagree on this issue and leave it at that. And from the looks of all the comments thus far it looks like yours and Dr. Mercola’s view that there is a virus is in the minority. In closing, here is a link to a video Dr. Kaufman just did refuting Jeremy Hammond, point-by-point. I wouldn’t call Dr. Kaufman ‘vacuous’.


We are missing the how and why the virus becomes infectious. And the full explanation of what really a virus is.


This is my take on all the nonsense that is going on. How long have they been pushing flu vaccines? Since the 30’s. They claim “isolation” of flu virus. I truly believe our ‘sickness’ have been given to us by mad scientist witches. Pharmakeia (Greek word, English Pharmacy) is witchcraft and in the Bible, witchcraft is forbidden. see here: Pharmakeia in the Bible: THEY HAVE BEEN POISONING US FOR A LONG TIME.


Looks like Germ theory is on the defensive now. When 99% recover then Germ theory fails, the Terrain is far more important.

Joe Boudreault

Forensic reporter Jon Rappaport gave an article over a year ago (in his archives) demonstrating the virus was never isolated. A virologist friend did the lab tests. Then there’s the almost complete disappearance of seasonal flu globally. So then… flu virus re-named and backed up by dark politics, I think.


Who is the interviewer?

Joe Boudreault

Jon Rappaport would disagree. He’s posted links that say it’s not been isolated.


Disappointing. Shallow criticism from someone unwilling to break away from this silly paradigm. Viruses are just the modern version of “evil spirits”, and virology the modern “cursed egg scam”. Do we really need to wait for the first generation of scientists who had access to electron microscopes to pass away?


Hi to the author, if I understand correctly what Kaufman and Lanka say, it is that f.e. this italian investigation and all others did NOT run the same procedure on cells won by nasal swab from NOT ill persons. In other words, what lacks is the control. This way, these investigations are kinda worthless and show a bias. Only a positive tested probe gets into the analysis assuming only a PCR positive specimen could contain a virus. But if you get a virus even when processing a negative specimen …. and they claim this to be the case, then you… Read more »


They don’t run the control because that would disprove the so called pandemic, along with all tyranical measures. The maniacs pursuing this insanity have Big Pharma in their pockets, who in turn have the government in their pockets. Rockefeller Foundation monopolized medical science at the turn of the 20th century, which lies at the root why they are getting away with all this. It goes a long way back.


I left a detailed comment on Mercola’s article. The burden of proof for the existence of an “infectious virus” is with those who assert its reality. So far, not a single paper outlining the methods used to separate any virus and physically sequence its nucleic code has been presented, anywhere.




It’s obvious he’s not a journalist. A true journalist would look at many theories and provide evidence for the theory he or she proposed as being most likely true. Mercola’s press release had little to do with science or journalism, unfortunately.


Virus Isolation…Is it Real? Andrew Kaufman MD Responds to Jeremy Hammond
Andrew Kaufman M.D. refutes Jeremy Hammonds recent interview opining that SAR-CoV-2 exists. Point by point, Kaufman debunks Hammond’s explanation of how a virus is isolated.
The definitions, the science, and technology behind isolation and purification, the methodology being used by scientists, and the agenda by governmental agencies are examined with the appropriate corrections. Hammond’s argument is the same old one trick pony being trotted out with pomp, circumstance, and pedigree.


Virus-Isolation Is It Real? Andrew Kaufman MD Responds To Jeremy Hammond

[…] published a blog titled “Yes, SARS-CoV-2 Is a Real […]


While there may exist theories that refute the existence of viruses such as SARS-COV-2, getting into the weeds of the processes used by virologists, their methods, their definition of isolation (which they completely changed from the original definition of isolation) and their interpretations of their own lab experiments is exactly what needs exposing, and detailed explaining. Because it can be clearly seen that their own experiments invalidate any claim that there exists a specific contagious agent causing specific diseases in humans. Also PCR amplification tools have never had diagnostic specificity determined (not accuracy in matching what they are looking for… Read more »


Why is it not possible to just extract the virus from a human subject? After all the human subject is a spectacularly good virus culture since it’s so contagious. The fact that this cannot be adequately answered means something is not right. Just isolate it from the human subject and end of story.

Sorry Patrick. As the comments indicate, cat’s out of the bag. No virus.

Last edited 11 months ago by jon

[…] 17, 2022 – Mercola – Yes, COVID a real virus, copied by Patrick […]


Response to Dr Mercola by Christine Massey, a biostatistician who has compiled over 200 FOIs asking governments and health institutions worldwide for scientific evidence of the isolation of SARS-Cov-2: