Mind-Reading AI Uses Brain Implant For Thoughts-To-Words

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While medically encouraging for people who are paralyzed, the ability to translate thoughts into words has grave consequences for the age of Technocracy where nothing is hidden from the Scientific Dictatorship. āƒ TN Editor

An artificial intelligence canĀ accurately translate thoughts into sentences, at least for a limited vocabulary of 250 words. The system may bring us a step closer to restoring speech to people who have lost the ability because of paralysis.

Joseph Makin at the University of California, San Francisco, and his colleagues used deep learning algorithms to study the brain signals of four women as they spoke. The women, who all haveĀ epilepsy, already had electrodes attached to their brainsĀ to monitor seizures.

Each woman was asked to read aloud from a set of sentences as the team measured brain activity. The largest group of sentences contained 250 unique words.

The team fed this brain activity to a neural network algorithm, training it to identify regularly occurring patterns that could beĀ linked to repeated aspects ofĀ speech, such as vowels or consonants. These patterns wereĀ then fed to a second neural network, which tried to turnĀ them into words to form a sentence.

Each woman repeated the sentences at least twice, and the final repetition didnā€™t formĀ part ofĀ the training data, allowingĀ the researchers to test the system.

Each time a person speaks the same sentence, the brain activity associated will be similar but not identical. ā€œMemorising the brain activity of these sentences wouldnā€™t help, so the network instead has to learn whatā€™s similar about them so that it can generalise to this final example,ā€ says Makin. Across the four women, the AIā€™s best performance was an average translation error rate of 3 per cent.

Makin says that using a small number of sentences made it easier for the AI to learn which words tend to follow others.

ForĀ example, the AI was able to decode that the word ā€œTurnerā€ wasĀ always likely to follow the word ā€œTinaā€ in this set of sentences, from brain activity alone.

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