Moms Fight 5G In Hinsdale, IL over Safety Issues

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Three angry moms demand health data before allowing 5G cell towers in their neighborhoods. In turn, hundreds of others are following suit. In fact, there are ample studies documenting the adverse effects of radiation, but 5g cell carriers deny and/or suppress such information, pleading ignorance or shifting responsibility off on the government. Either way, these moms are livid because they perceive that the carrier companies don’t care about the safety of their children. – TN Editor

Downloads will improve and cell service will get better, so everyone wants 5G faster internet โ€“ right?


5G internet also means more cellphone towers โ€“ which will appear every 12 homes in some neighborhoods. As CBS 2โ€™s Jermont Terry reported Monday night, some in west suburban Hinsdale are not on board because they question the health risks.

In Hinsdale, wooden sticks are already in the ground where cell companies intend to put up cellphone towers. But the towers will not be 20 or 30 feet high and soaring over all the houses, and that is leaving some believing there is a bigger price to pay for downloading faster.

Paige Glendinning, Christine Trainer, and Fariha DiPasquale are all Hinsdale moms. The trio is on a mission to stop 5G from coming to town.

โ€œThis could be really bad,โ€ DiPasquale said.

They said the 5G proposal does not just affect Hinsdale โ€“ Western Springs, Naperville, and Schaumburg would also be affected.

A few months back, those wooden sticks popped up in yards throughout the western suburbs.

โ€œThat was placed here by Verizon as a proposed site for a 5G transmitter,โ€ Glendinning said.

Wireless companies insist 5G is expected to be 100 times faster than current speeds. But in order for the bands to travel, more transmitters are needed in closer proximity, and thus, the signal will be carried on smaller towers that can fit on top of a light pole.

โ€œWe are not against technology,โ€ Trainer said.

But the Stop 5G group questions just how safe all these smaller towers will be for those who walk and live nearby.

โ€œBut before we become sort of the canary that is subjected to all of this, we want to actually have that data on safety be proven,โ€ DiPasquale said.

Many of the towers are expected to be near schools.

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