Steve Hilton: ‘It’s The Tyranny Of The Technocrats’

Wikimedia Commons, Policy Exchange
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Nationally-known journalist Steve Hilton has almost put together all the pieces of Technocracy when he asks, “Who are these people? What is this? It’s not democracy. It’s the tyranny of the technocrats.’ Will someone please send him a copy of Technocracy: The Hard Road To World Order? ‚ĀÉ TN Editor

One of the most frightening things about the Russia revelations of the last few days is how the establishment and their media lackeys dismissed them.

Ali Velshi, MSNBC host: The “Obamagate” conspiracy theory that President Obama, Vice President Biden and others were somehow involved in an illegal effort to target [Michael] Flynn or something like that. It is a conspiracy theory.

They pushed the Russia conspiracy theory for years. And now we have actual evidence that the Russia collusion story was fantasy, that the Mueller investigation was an illegitimate fiasco, that leading Democrats like Adam Schiff, deliberately lied for years to the American people, that the fearsome apparatus of law enforcement was deployed by the state to take down political enemies on phony pretext.

That instead of upholding the centuries’ long tradition of peaceful transition of power, the losing side in the last presidential election tried to cripple its successor, that the permanent Washington establishment aided and abetted by shameless propaganda arm, the establishment media, colluded in this orgy of norm-destroying and rule-breaking driven by condescending contempt for¬†Donald Trump¬†and his supporters.

Obama, Biden, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Holder — all of them used law enforcement against their political rivals. This is the behavior of a police state. Sure they’re all for democracy and the Constitution as long as it delivers the right result, more power to them.

Who are these people? What is this? It’s not democracy. It’s the tyranny of the technocrats — regardless of actual election results, power in the hands of a ruling elite who think they’re smarter and better than you, but they’re not.

Their ideology — globalism,¬†open borders, endless war —¬†it failed. That’s why people voted for Trump in 2016. Ever since then, the technocrats have been plotting to get their power back, first, with Russia, then with Mueller. After that,¬†impeachment.

Now, they’re using this¬†corona crisis¬†to grab power. Of course, they are trying to blame Trump.

Barack Obama, former president of the United States: This pandemic has fully finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge, know what they’re doing.

But look what actually happened. The reason we have a pandemic in the first place is because the outbreak was covered up by the authoritarian dictatorship in China. Who spent the last 50 years sucking up to them? Not Trump, but the technocrats.

The reason we couldn’t contain the outbreak and had to shut down our economy was because we didn’t have tests that worked right at the start. Who screwed that up? No, not the evil Trump, but the saintly public sector, CDC — the technocrats again.

Has there ever been a more catastrophic case of technocrat bungling? Why is this man by the way, still in his job,¬†“Dr. Death and Destruction” Robert Redfield of the CDC?.

Now, we do have testing. It is because Trump got rid of regulation so the private sector could do it. Why were we running around desperately trying to get ventilators and PPE and whatever? Because the technocrat geniuses shipped manufacturing overseas and let other countries control the supply. It was Trump and Jared Kushner and his team who turned that around in record time. So now we are shipping ventilators to other countries.

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Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what is for dinner.
It is best to be a well-armed lamb than a subject in a democracy.
The United States was founded as a constituional republic and is morphing into a totalitarian democracy.
I’ll pass.