October 2017


KRACK: Huge Wi-Fi Vulnerability Threatens Internet Armageddon

The IoT is predicated on Wi-Fi connectivity; whatever security flaws existed previously pale in comparison to a flaw discovered in the Wi-Fi security protocol itself. Hundreds of millions of existing Wi-Fi devices are at risk, and most will never be patched. Undoubtedly, this will raise calls for a new security protocol, like quantum encryption currently being perfected by China.

The Nudge: Nobel Prize In Economics Awarded For Creating Tool Of Technocracy

Noted economist Richard Thaler invented the ‘nudge’ that Technocrats can use to manipulate consumers as part of Technocracy’s social engineering goals. University of Chicago and the Nobel Institute are global-class organizations. The author of this article, a professor of political science, has correctly noted that the Nudge is a tool of Technocracy and that it is antithetical to democratic institutions.