March 9, 2018

Google Providing AI Technology To Defense Department’s Algorithmic Warfare

Google censors everyone not sympathetic to its Technocrat ideology, but has no problem working with fellow Technocrats at the Department of Defense. In his farewell speech, President Dwight Eisenhower warned America about the Military-Industrial Complex and then about the Scientific Elite exerting power over society. This story indicates that they have merged together quite naturally.

Scientists: Now Using Pig Organs For Transplants Into Humans

Technocrat scientists see no risk to humans when substituting pig organs for human organ transplants, which they claim are ‘functionally similar’. To qualify, the pigs must first be tested for 40 different kinds of viruses to prevent unwanted infections. There will be no widespread testing before this practice becomes routine.

First Artificial Meat, Now Artificial Milk- All Without Cows

Lab-produced milk will soon become a ubiquitous part of the food chain without labeling requirements because it is already declared to be GMO-fee. However, the yeast that makes the milk proteins is tricked into doing so because of clever genetic modification. There is no guarantee that the resulting milk protein is 100% identical to a cow’s milk.

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