August 2018


Flashback 2012 – The Atlantic Ties Facebook Directly To Technocracy

Facebook 2018 is a realization of Technocracy-in-action and was clearly defined in 2012 by The Atlantic Magazine. Furthermore, the tie to 1930s Technocracy is historically correct as advocating that “engineers and scientists would rule.” Google, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, etc., are all swimming in the same channel, striving for a Technocracy takeover of society.

Exposing Idemia: The Push For National Biometric IDs In America

This is a must-read report on a corporation that is helping China to build spy networks and India to build a national id system, but also create drivers’ licenses in the U.S. Personal identification is a major requirement of Technocracy since the 1930s: “Provide specific registration of the consumption of each individual, plus a record and description of the individual.” 

How IoT Will Transform Consumerism, Enterprises And Governments Over Next Five Years

Forty billion Internet Of Things devices will cost at least $1.5 trillion by 2023, and that doesn’t include the cost of implementing 5G wireless technology to ‘light it up.’ This BI report is a premium offering, but it gives the reader an idea of the magnitude of what lies ahead. Technocrats are celebrating even as hackers are licking their chops.

China: He Who Has The Data Makes The Rules

Jinping’s Scientific Dictatorship, aka Technocracy, relies on ‘a combination of surveillance, AI, and big data to monitor people’s lives and behavior in minute detail.’  MIT correctly notes that China got these ideas in the mid-1980s, but fails to show how. Namely, it was members of the elite Trilateral Commission who sowed the seeds of Technocracy after they brought China out of the darkness and onto the global economic stage.