September 2018


US Intel Chief Warns That China Perfecting ‘Surveillance State’

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) says exactly what TN has been saying for three years: “The result of this effort is nothing short of a future that involves the perfection of the surveillance state” and that it “threatens the export of these tools abroad to other authoritarian regimes.” Beware of motive, however, because the DNI manages and funds all 17 Intel agencies in the U.S., including the NSA, CIA and DHS.

U.S. Army Rushes To Field Robotic Truck Convoys By 2019

Technocrats and military are perfectly symbiotic: the Army wants a new engineering marvel and Technocrats are excited to deliver. In this case the Army is skipping normal acquisition procedures to rush implementation. What’s the hurry? The global robotic arms race is far larger than anything seen in history.

FCC Ruling On 5G Fees Blocks Cities From Surcharge Fees

5G carriers have successfully lobbied the FCC to block city surcharges on their 5G installations. This oversteps FCC authority and is patently unconstitutional. Basically, carriers want cities to stay out of their hair as they rollout 5G nilly-willy across America. This underscores that Big Tech is in full control of the political/regulatory process.

DHS Follows China’s Lead On Facial Recognition At Airports

The Department of Homeland Security is inching toward’s China’s “Leave no dark corner” total surveillance society, despite condemnation from every privacy protection group in America. The optical recognition images they collect are far more complex than normal snapshots. Because 2.5 million passengers fly every single day, there is no better place to build a national biometric database than through the TSA in airports.

Restaurant Robots May Upend The Food Industry, Or Not

Restaurants have traditionally provided a solid foundation for entry-level jobs in society. As robots displace young workers, the possibility exists that, after the novelty wears off, the public will completely reject restaurant automation, leaving Technocrat inventors shaking their heads.

From Democracy To Technocracy To Stone Age

Technocracy is increasingly recognized as a major force in the current of human affairs, but also as an unmitigated train wreck. The dream of Utopia is just that – a dream. Technocrats think ‘this time its different’ because they have new technology and philosophy, but they are deluded.