August 2018


Missouri First State To Declare That ‘Meat’ Means ‘Meat’

Tofu is not meat; neither is lab-grown tissue. However, meat-haters have long been trying to have non-meat products marketed as meat to confuse consumers and harm the animal husbandry industry. Missouri has made history by standing up to this cartel by legislating that ‘meat’ means ‘meat’ and nothing else.

Global-Warming Alarmists Pressure Media To Silence Skeptics

If you are not a climate/global warming alarmist, you probably don’t care about global warming that much, but that doesn’t dissuade the alarmists from piping down. In the meantime, the media is constantly pressured to stop publishing any dissent by ‘deniers’ because it blasts holes in their corrupted and faulty theories.

Global Renewable Power Spending Falling Far Short Of Green Expectations

The Technocrat vision is 100% renewable energy for the whole planet, replacing fossil fuels completely. Actual spending patterns for renewable energy lag far behind what they claim they need to get it done. The stupidity of throwing away a perfectly good energy model for the sake of virtually bankrupting civic institutions that adopt alternative energy schemes, is stunning.

How Technocrats Use Administrative Law To Skirt Politicians

It started with the theory of Administrative law and gave way to a later legal theory called Reflexive law. Neither has anything to do with America’s traditional ‘Rule of Law’ that is supposed to apply equal justice to all Americans regardless of race, creed, color and religion. Further, when these alternative legal theories are put into practice, they are destructive to the original intent.

Scientists: AI Algorithm Betters Humans In Finding Fake News

Technocrat data scientists are barking up the wrong tree. Note they never say that their black box algorithms can find truth, which logically should precede isolating falsehoods. Yet, their alleged breakthrough is hailed as ‘a new weapon in the fight against misinformation.’