October 9, 2018


City Mayors Are Furious Over FCC Ruling On 5G Rollout

The Agenda 21-soaked U.S. Conference of Mayors has been thrown under the bus by hard-core Technocrats who took over the FCC in order to roll over cities with 5G installation. Mayors are livid but now they learn who is boss.

UN Report On Global Warming Has Life Or Death Warning

The sky is falling again as hysteria rules among climate warming scientists at the United Nations. Technocrats who are overcome by their own self-delusion end up in a perpetual spiral of illogic. Countless hours and resources have been wasted studying what has been declared a myth by thousands of level-headed scientists.

Scientists: Human Race Faces Extinction As Male Sperm Count Declines

In fact, male sperm count has been falling year over year for some time, but this doesn’t warrant a prediction of man’s extinction; after all, it only takes a single sperm to fertilize an egg. In Huxley’s Brave New World, this was solved by growing babies in incubators instead of a mother’s womb. Technocrats will probably study that next.