April 2020


Hohmann: ‘Social Distancing’ Is The Problem, Not The Answer

Technocrats created the Great Panic of 2020 and now are dominating the restarting of the economy. Forget the Rule of Law. Now it is Rule of Regulation and they create the regulations. Technocracy’s coup de ‘etat must be stopped immediately before they can solidify their total scientific dictatorship.

Study: Common Core Behind Historic Drop In Student Scores

Common Core State Standards curriculum were created and owned by two private non-profit organizations, both of which were heavily funded and influenced by Bill Gates of vaccine fame. CCSS has failed miserably and an entire generation has been mentally crippled.

Boston Review: Technocracy After COVID-19

This writer discusses historic and modern Technocracy in relation to crisis management vs. stable times. It strongly points out the role of Technocracy in the COVID-19 debacle and asks whether it is the right standard to apply or not.