May 2021


Memorial Day 2025: Back To The Future

In 2025, just 4 short years from now, America will stumble across yet another Memorial Day weekend and reflect on wars fought, soldiers and civilians killed and the nature of freedoms that were preserved or lost. They will all rue the day that Technocracy, aka Scientific Dictatorship, took over the world.

Mass Vaccination Campaign Triggers Spike In Cases, Deaths

The highly-touted break-through COVID vaccines are in break-down. For those who are hesitant to take the vaccine(s), they have good reasons to not proceed further. Statistics are complex and often intentionally muddied, but there is now a more clear picture of the vaccines’ impact on society.

Bill Gates: The Last Technocratic Hero Falls?

The carefully-crafted image of Bill Gates as benevolent geek, model husband and father, corporate philanthropist and all-around genius savior of the world – is shattered. His divorce is revealing that he is little more than a greedy reprobate philanderer who seeks to fill his own carnal lusts.