June 2021


Israel’s New Post-Zionist Leadership Is Embracing Technocracy

Daniel Greenfield equates Israel’s new post-Netanyahu regime with Technocracy:  “Israeli Post-Zionism, unlike Anti-Zionism, was born out of technocracy.” His most prescient observation states that “Unlike socialism, technocracy isn’t ideological. But it’s so non-ideological that it fails to comprehend those who are.”

Technocracy: Follow The Money, Follow The Power

Is should be immediately logical that Technocracy would ultimately be run by Technocrats and that Technocrats would busy themselves with birthing Technocracy. If true, then examining the global financial landscape should give support, and indeed, it does.

Transhumans Use Cryonics In Hope Of Future Immortality

Max More and his wife Natasha are “founding fathers” of the modern global Transhuman movement. Max also runs the Alcor Life Extension Foundation where you can have your head put in a deep-freeze for an indefinite period until science advances enough to bring you back to permanent life, or immortality.

Use Of Security Robots Spreads But Few Tangible Results Seen

The CEO of security robot manufacturer, Knightscope, says that America could be the safest nation on earth if only there were enough security robots deployed. Conversely, actual users of these robots have little to report in tangible results. However, each robot can collect over one terabyte of data per day!