February 8, 2023

Microsoft Readies ChatGPT-Like AI For Its Search Engine Bing

Microsoft CEO says AI will disrupt the world like the invention of personal computers and “cloud computing.” Microsoft is implementing OpenAI and ChatGPT into Bing while Google is launching Bard into its search engine. By the end of 2023, the knowledge acquisition landscape will be completely transformed and as yet, nobody is exactly certain what it will look like, except that it will adhere to “woke” dogma.

Denialism: How The Woke Stifle Dissent

Propaganda comes in all forms of communication and one big item is name calling. The word “denier’ has been overused to great success by woke ideologues: anybody who speaks something that they don’t like is automatically labeled a “denier” and summarily excluded from the discussion. “Denier” is a subtle type of derision, making the target to appear irrelevant, if not malicious.

Flashback: Dr. Deborah Birx Was The Technocrat Destroyer Who Deceived Trump Into Wrecking America Over COVID-19

Deborah Birx is a Technocrat who was orchestrating COVID-19 policies behind the scenes, using treachery and deceit. This is the fallback position of Technocrats whose agenda is or might be blocked in some way. Her blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution, elected politicians and the Rule of Law set her on a self-appointed mission to deceive the President of the United States and then to deceive the entire medical establishment.