February 7, 2023

It’s Official: No Global Warming For Eight Years

Eight years ago, prominent atmospheric scientists and physicists predicted that global cooling would take place over the next few decades, perhaps even bringing a new mini-ice age. They were scoffed at and mocked. Now the record is official: no global warming is taking place, period. This will not deter the global warming cult, however, from crowing about global warming.

ChatGPT Is Thoroughly ‘Woke’ But Google Will Compete To Be Even More Woke

We are in the age of AI wars. The competition is not to see who can produce the most intelligent responses to pressing questions, but to drive the world to more extreme wokeness by skewing answers toward racism, love of leftist causes and hatred of conservative ones. Artificial Intelligence is just that… artificial, and it is written and driven by Technocrat’s intent on crushing critical thinking.