February 1, 2023

Metaverse: ChatGPT Tech Will Let You Talk To Dead Relatives

The digital likeness of your dead relative will be like a rudimentary digital twin that is constructed with discoverable information fed to the AI program. This would include scouring the Internet for social media posts, financial data, postings, travel information, voice patterns, etc. People who don’t understand the technology will undoubtedly believe they are really talking to dead people.

Geneticists Intend To Bring The Dodo Bird Back From Extinction

Combining DNA from extinct dodo birds as well as closely related species, geneticists are perfecting a genome that could bring the dodo Franken-bird to life. This is not cloning, but rather pure genetic engineering. They are seeking crossover ideas for human “health care” applications. Meddling with DNA and life itself is fraught with risk and cannot improve the condition of any living thing.

11,000 Police Surveillance Cars With 360-Degree Cameras and “Perimeter Alerts” To Patrol NYC

Technocrats continue to build the police state with various equipment for surveillance, the latest being police cars with 360-degree cameras and “perimeter alerts” that analyzes people for perceived threats. Exactly how AI is used to “perceive” is not specified. Recording the 360-degree view is continuous thus recording everything in the immediate area, including unsuspecting civilians.

Supermodels to Be Replaced By Digital AI Creations

Three dimensional digital creations are virtually impossible to distinguish from real humans, can be created on-demand and used for any modeling assignment. The era of “deep fakes” and deception has arrived. Other AI systems can animate life-like digital images to speak with natural movements and expressions.

Got Milk? China Building Herd Of Mutant GMO Super Cows

As a maturing Technocracy, China is steeped in genetic modification of everything that concerns the food supply. GMO milk at scale could negatively affect health of huge numbers of people. Technocrats invent because they are compelled, not because there is an informed demand to do so.