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Why Public-Private Partnerships Are The Brains Behind Smart Cities

Industry says, “Without a public-private partnership, a smart city plan will most likely remain stuck on the drawing board.” Technocracy marches forward on public money that is diverted to private ends, offering one of the biggest scams in history. Of course, they say “It’s good for you”, but the end of Scientific Dictatorship will be a scourge on humanity.

Trump Talks Public-Private Partnerships To Rebuild Infrastructure

Public-Private Partnerships are a core doctrine of the UN’s Sustainable Development, which is Technocracy. Trump is talking with Technocrats like Elon Musk to provide financing. Newly appointed Cabinet members, Elaine Chou (Sec’y of Transportation) and Rick Perry (Sec’y of Energy) joined the likes of Lynn Scarlett (Managing Director of Nature Conservancy). This is indication that the influence of Technocracy and the UN is alive and well within the new Administration.