Green Economy


United Arab Emirates: A True Green Economy Pioneer?

Green Economy is synonymous with Sustainable Development and Technocracy. With opposing cultural world views between China and the Islamic world, both are pitted in competition to be the leaders in implementing Sustainable Development. Apparently, the SDG’s of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development are compatible with Sharia law and the Koran.

Robotics, Karl Marx And The Collapse Of Profits And Capitalism

Finally, someone has correctly pegged the role of Marx, robotics, the destruction of capital and hence, the destruction of Capitalism and Free Enterprise itself. Zbigniew Brzezinski in Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, developed the idea that Marxism was a mere stepping stone to the end result of societal evolution, which he called the Technetronic Era, aka Technocracy. Thus, Capitalism will die and be replaced by Technocracy.

Time-Tested Economic Theory Being Thrown Under The Bus

As Technocracy and its Green Economy encroaches on Capitalism and Free Enterprise, traditional economic models are being forever corrupted with non-economic factors. Traditional economic analysis depends on factual historical data. Green Economic analysis factors in unknown and unprovable climate change factors. The result will be absolute gibberish.