Transhuman Dreamin’: Immortality By ‘Biohacking’ With Blood Transfusions

Image by Senior Airman Shane S. Karp/Public Domain
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Since both are rooted in a strong belief in Scientism, Transhumanism and Technocracy are joined at the hip. Transhumans believe they have hijacked evolution and will create Humans 2.0 through the application of science and engineering. ⁃ TN Editor

Anti-ageing science has never been more hyped, with breakthroughs in genetic engineering and drug discovery pushing the boundaries of what was once dismissed as science fiction.

Although futurologists have said immortality is possible, most scientists believe delaying the onset of ageing is more ethical — and research into this is booming.

Longevity biotech firms received $800 million in funding in 2017 compared with less than half that in 2014, according to data from

“In the past decade we have made a major discovery,” Gerontologist Richard Miller at the University of Michigan told New Scientist. “We have proven that you can slow the ageing process using drugs.”

The process of taking such a drug through clinical trials takes around seven years — with the majority failing to get approved for safety reasons or because they just don’t work for humans.

And some people — dubbed biohackers — are willing to dabble in DIY anti-ageing medicine and other “hacks” which have not passed these stringent tests, despite the high risks.

“We know biohacking happens all the time,” Lynne Cox, a biochemist at the University of Oxford, told New Scientist. “There’s a lot of DIY,” she added.

From unregulated blood transfusions to off-label pill-popping, biohackers are putting their health in their own hands rather than those of qualified doctors.

The grim, somewhat vampiric, practice of swapping blood between a young person and an older person is called parabiosis.

Scientists discovered in the 1970s that fusing the circulatory systems of animals together — sometimes for weeks on end — had surprising results.

The younger animal would age prematurely, whereas the older animal was rejuvenated.

But a stark warning was issued by the FDA, who said it feared some Americans were receiving rogue blood transfusions.

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“From unregulated blood transfusions to off-label pill-popping, biohackers are putting their health in their own hands rather than those of qualified doctors.” Let’s begin here. Qualified? Who is ‘qualified’ to ascertain or give longevity? No one in the MS for sure. So, from where did these ‘qualified’ medical personal arise? The article forcefully reprimands the public with the statement as if I could call my doc and say, “I’d like to make an appointment to extend my life today.” Such programs have been funded for decades. They are Special Access Programs (SAPs) where monies are taken from the taxed public,… Read more »