The Wrenching Chinese-ification Of America

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America has roughly 12 months to sort out its desired future as either a Constitutional Republic or a Chinese-style Technocracy. Currently, the tipping point is tilted toward Technocracy. āƒ TN Editor

As brave Hong Kongers protest the totalitarian communist Chinese regime in the streets and at the airport of their city, the mood here in the West, even in the United States, seems to be going in the opposite direction.

I’m not just referring to the violent so-called anarchists of Antifa, who often turn out to be emotionally disturbed community college instructors behind their Guy Fawkes masks, but to the larger zeitgeist. From Big Tech to Hollywood to our media to our campuses to the campaign rhetoric of virtually every Democratic candidate, we are moving toward a homogenization of thought and action that is, well, Chinese communist in style and ultimately in content.

Chairman Mao said, “Let a hundred schools of thought contend,” knowing full well whose would prevail. We’re no longer even paying that kind of lip service. Some form of political correctness has dominated our major institutions for years with minimal pushback.

Except for the election of Donald Trump, which was considered a horrifying aberration by our elites. How could such a vulgarian rise to such power? (No matter that they themselves were equally, if not more, reprehensible, as the Epstein revelations demonstrate.)

Because Trump’s policies were often arguably good and sometimes even conventionally so, attacks on him concentrated on his personality. That was especially true because his very persona upended that unifying and totalitarian (what else?) impulse toward political correctness.

So an American Cultural Revolutionā€”not that distant from the original Chinese one, except so far no dunce capsā€”has been put in place by those various elites of the Academic-Hollywood-Media Complex. Actually, it’s been in place for a long time; only now it is escalating and approaching a point of no return.

Writers and thinkers are ghettoized. OnlyĀ approvedĀ Republican pundits are allowed space, at least for long, in mainstream newspapers or television shows. The arts have become almost entirely off-limits to the right. Conservative professors are an endangered species at our universities, if not already extinct.

That is why it is no accident that you see Democrat proposals on the 2020 campaign trail that could have been taken from Lenin’s playbook. They are just part of this metastasizing zeitgeist. That these ideas have failed over and over is of no consequence. They sound good.

Don’t look at China or the Soviet Union or Cambodia or Cuba or Venezuela or North Korea or the entire Eastern Bloc when it was communist, not to mention Angola, Mozambique, and Ethiopia plusĀ many othersĀ that all flirted with socialism/communism uniformly to disastrous ends. Look at Denmark! And please ignore that that extremely homogeneous country has a tiny population roughly half the size Los Angeles County’s and that they have been becomingĀ less socialist themselves in their actual policies. We can use the land of Hans Christian Anderson as our model.

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“America has roughly 12 months to sort out its desired future as either a Constitutional Republic or a Chinese-style Technocracy. Currently, the tipping point is tilted toward Technocracy. āƒ TN Editor”

Gott’a ask. Why did you state this as exactly as you have? We can see the Technocrats are attempting a coup. Not hard to see. And that in the last two years have been moving at a searing rate of speed to do so. However, why 12-months? Election? Ongoing AI Fake News creation for the Normies? Very interested in your statement.

Patrick Wood

If Google is successful in its coup to throw the 2020 elections, this will give Technocrats total dominance over society. They will be entrenched in power and will make sure that our voices will never be heard again.


Egads. I have to say, a small miracle happened yesterday here in NM that speaks to hope. I walked into a smaller grocery where a delivery man was waiting for the cashier to check-in his product. He was in his early 30’s, Hispanic (most are in NM) and a deliver driver of soft drinks. Under most circumstances I would have just passed him by without a word. No, not this time. He was talking to his cohort driver about TPTsnB. To look at him you’d think he was from among the under-educated or uneducated that are so prolific in NM.… Read more »