Trilateral Commission Member Appointed To National Security Council

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According to a White House press release, the first member of the Trilateral Commission has entered the Trump administration as the Deputy Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs, where he will sit on the National Security Council:

Kenneth I. Juster will serve as Deputy Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs.  He will coordinate the Administration’s international economic policy and integrate it with national security and foreign policy.  He will also be the President’s representative and lead U.S. negotiator (“Sherpa”) for the annual G-7, G-20, and APEC Summits.  Juster has previously served in the U.S. Government as Under Secretary of Commerce (2001-2005), Counselor (Acting) of the Department of State (1992-1993), Deputy and Senior Advisor to Deputy Secretary of State Lawrence S. Eagleburger (1989-1992), and Law Clerk to Judge James L. Oakes of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (1980-1981).  In the private sector, Juster has been a Partner and Managing Director at the global investment firm Warburg Pincus (2010-2017), Executive Vice President of (2005-2010), and Senior Partner at the law firm Arnold & Porter (1981-1989, 1993-2001).  Juster has also served as Chairman of the Advisory Committee of Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Asia Foundation, and a member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the American Academy of Diplomacy.  Among his honors, Juster is the recipient of the Secretary of Commerce’s William C. Redfield Award and the Secretary of State’s Distinguished Service Award.  Juster holds an A.B. in Government from Harvard College, a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School, and a J.D. from the Harvard Law School. [emphasis added]

Juster was appointed by National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn, formerly a U.S. Army lieutenant general and Director of the Defense intelligence Agency.

Flynn has had a close working relationship with the Center for a New American Security, where three members of the Board of Directors are also members of the Trilateral Commission, including its founder and CEO, Michele Flourney. Other CNAS directors include Kurt Campbell and Lewis Kaden. Trilateral Paula Dobriansky is listed on the Board of Advisors.

Flynn’s other senior staff appointments to the National Security Council include David Cattler, John Eisenberg and Kevin Harrington.

“I’m incredibly excited about working with this talented group,” Flynn said.  “With their diverse backgrounds in in business, law, technology, government, the military and the Intelligence community, they bring a wealth of experience and fresh ideas to the table.”

In his position as Deputy Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs, Juster will continue the Trilateral Commission’s 44 year hegemony over economic affairs with its stated intent to create a “New International Economic Order.” Juster’s elitist resume indicates that he is a key Trilateral operative within globalist circles.

Juster’s first exposure to the Trilateral Commission occurred early in his career, during Jimmy Carter’s presidency, when he worked one summer on the staff of the National Security Council under Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder and principal strategist for the Commission.

As carefully documented in Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, Trilateral Commission members have been directly responsible for the creation of Sustainable Development (aka Technocracy), Agenda 21 and other UN programs.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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James Hufferd

It’s hard to swallow how some in powerful positions do things we advocate and applaud 90% of the time, but abjectly disappoint us by making what we, with our particular world view, regard as blunders and self-defeating the other 10%. Maybe it’s just that our exact world views, while not unique to us alone, are not 100% shared by the person or people in the operative position. Otherwise, we would be there, not they – and they would surely be second-guessing some of our genius decisions instead.

Fred Donaldson

It looks like the same deal Obama made. Talk populist and then appoint the establishment picks. It looks like that was the deal he made to get anything through Congress. Danger for the powers-to-be is that he wakes up and throws the bums out.

Brenda Sanford

It is the begining of the end of hope for those who put their hope in man.


There is the possibility that all these superficially knowledgeable hyperqualified nugatoids will bring about an intellectual overburden intolerable to genuine humanity and be wiped out temporarily once again, a brief respite being better than nothing. Then, when their ideological progeny emerge, the new ideas will be slightly different. And so on and so on.

Mark Siffer

Let’s hope Kenneth Juster is a defector… I just searched all three sites CFR, Trilateral and the American Academy of Diplomacy. I could not find any articles with his name on them. He is, of course, listed as a member (Trilateral has him listed as “Former member in public service”) . He was appointed by Michael Flynn. I pray President Trump knows Kenneth Juster is a “Swamp Creature” and will not be swayed into the “New Economic World Order”

J. A. Hunsinger

The Trilateral Commission, the Bilderburgers, and all of that ilk are enemies of mankind. They are responsible for Agenda 21 and every other global plan to subjugate mankind’s individual freedom – DO NOT FORGET, THEY ARE THE ENEMY.

Gene F. Danforth

when Kissinger visited Trump last year I became a little worried that he might be planting a seed to get someone from the council in his administration. Now It seems I was right


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

abinico warez

Make no mistake – Trump is one of them. Trump’s pledge to make America great again is for his type – not the working people.


This is a little like saying Mnuchin worked for GS 14 years ago and is therefore ‘one of them’. This case may be different but given what I’ve seen so far about the results of Gen Michael Flynn’s advice to the President, I am witholding judgment on this pick. In the ideal case, there would be sufficient people outside the system with sufficient knowledge on how it works to choose nobody with even a remote tie. Fact is, like in Mnuchin’s case with big banks, it is difficult to find someone who knows about security and intelligence who was never… Read more »

terry wilson

Anyone really familiar with how the system is run, in the United Nations States of America, should not be surprised at this slight of hand. It’s gone unnoticed by FOX, CNN, or even C-Span. It brings back the lyrics of The Who’s Won’t Be Fooled Again: Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. No way the New World Order minions would allow true nationalism and true change. Donald Trump knows enough history to not rile up these elites as they can be really nasty characters as Lincoln, JFK, and a number of other leaders, at home and abroad,… Read more »


take a look at the great seal of the Trilateral commission, it has seven dragon heads surrounding a pentagram! This is utterly crazy. These people ARE ruling the world, they are the masterminds behind the EU, Agenda 21/2030 and world hegemony. Utterly evil in intent and representing all leading facets of our societies, including all mainstream news outlets. They hate Nationalism and are the driving force behind the Russian farce of collusion. All the things we despise as decent Americans have come from their bloody womb. They need full 24 hour/365 day exposure, sadly even then I think it’s too… Read more »