November 2022

Another Giant Solar Farm Company Goes Bust

Solar farms as a business model, ironically, are proving to be unsustainable. As energy prices rise because of the war on traditional energy, solar and wind turbine farms are finding that its still a rough business and would not likely even exist if it were not for government subsidies and other favors.

Climate Negotiations Are In Disarray As UN’s COP27 Enters Second Week

The 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) delegates are tripping over themselves to find ways to destroy civilization by using global warming as an excuse to regulate every aspect of society. The “global good” is your good, they reason. The rub is that consensus is fleeting over exactly what the global good is, and many nations are not interested in going beyond lip service.

Study: 100% Of mRNA Jab Recipients Have Heart Implications

Shocking new study reveals that some level of heart injury, minor as it may be, is occurring in all jab recipients. The long-term effects are unknown but there will be effects. The more mRNA shots you take, the greater the cumulative risk that an actual health event will take place. There are also effects on other internal organs as well as the immune system.

Food Imports: Poor Countries On The Brink Of Crisis

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) sounds a warning over a problem it caused in the first place, namely food disruption. How? By talking nations into restricting nitrogen fertilizer to grow bountiful crops. This idiotic policy literally destroyed Sri Lanka and threatens many others who cannot pay for high priced imports. Technocrats seldom see the cause-and-effect of their short-sighted policies.

How Election Integrity Has Been Destroyed In Arizona (And Elsewhere)

Because I live in Arizona, I have wondered and scratched my head as to why a fundamentally “red” state ends up with “blue” politicians. Such was the case during the 2020 election when Donald Trump was overwhelmingly popular and yet lost the state. Such is the case right now with the Governor’s race between Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs. Now I know the answer.

Big Pharma Technocrats Use COVID Model To Push RSV Vaccines

Medical Technocrats embedded in government hierarchy are running the same game plan as with COVID to mandate vaccines wherever they can direct the needle. In this case, it is for babies and toddlers and a common but mild virus known as RSV. Will they ever stop? No, not until it is unprofitable for them to continue.

Spending Your Money: It’s ‘Finance Day’ At COP27

Al Gore is the ultimate huckster when pumping the UN delegates to climate action. In bunko terms, this is the practice of “shaking the money tree” to loose money that is easy to grab. Gore’s climate claims are patently absurd and not one of his predictions over the years have come true. This is Technocracy and pseudo-science at its worst, and it’s coming for the world.

Global Stink: UN COP27 Attendees In Egypt Greeted With Sewage

COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt drew over 30,000 global meddlers by jet to plan how to railroad the world into Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. Appropriately, a sewage spill let them meditate on the global stink they are causing to the rest of the world. Private jets are given a free pass because their self-praised work is so essential to “saving” humanity.