November 2022

Lockdown Policies Are Alive And Well In The Globalist Assault Playbook

The Technocrat cabal are maneuvering to institutionalize lockdown as an effective tool of social engineering, bringing tyranny and totalitarianism to a new level. Those who fought (and won) against pandemic lockdowns have no cause to gloat or rest. Would-be global conquerers will send in waves of tyranny until there is no avenue of escape or winning left. Will you rise to the fore?

White House To Expand Already Massive Spy Operations On U.S. Citizens

“We know what you say, what you think, where you go and where you are.” If you wonder why the federal system is so corruptly weaponized against citizens, consider that AI and massive data mining of billions of data points are producing stupidity, inaccurate conclusions and the targeting of innocent citizens. Technocrat controllers cannot understand the meaning and context of anything produced by AI.

Boom: Trilateral Commissioner Jeffrey Epstein’s Global Empire Of Corruption Revealed

Investigative writer Whitney Webb drills down into the dark global network of Jeffrey Epstein to expose how global elitists attempt to run the world. As a member of the Trilateral Commission, Epstein undoubtedly served his own interests but he became the go-to dungeon master of sexual blackmail that kept global leaders and operators in line. No, the infamous “black book” will likely never be released.

Insane G20 Calls For Vaccine Passports On All Future International Travel

Technocrats at the G20 conference plotted out the next pandemic, as if it were a certainty, and concluded the best thing is to require vaccine passports for all international travel NOW in order to head off future global consequences. Yes, President Biden attended G20 on behalf of the United States. There is no global legal authority that can shoot this down.

Techno-Authoritarianism: China And Deep State Have Joined Forces

Technocracy by any other name is still Technocracy. China is the world’s first purely “engineered” society. It is neither Capitalism or Communism, but rather Technocracy. It leads straight to scientific dictatorship while the algorithm micromanages every aspect of life. The only way out of Technocracy is to not go there in the first place.

Mass Exodus Of Doctors And Nurses May Lead To Total Collapse Of The U.S. Medical System

Medical Technocrats have succeeded in destroying the medical system in America as a mass exodus of seasoned doctors and nurses flee the industry. This destruction started long before COVID with “evidence-based” medicine where unseen Technocrats dictated treatment for patients they had never seen or cared about. When the COVID plandemic hit, ethical medical personnel were forced out.

Beyond Censorship: Destroying Dissenters Through Cyberwarfare

When a military grade cyberwarfare attack is leveled at globalist narrative dissenters, it is comparable to a Predator  drone striking out of nowhere. The result can be not only devastating but existential. Technocrats are quietly training the big guns of cyberwarfare on citizens to dare to question globalist policies, objectives and players. Answer: speak up, speak out.

New York Federal Reserve To Test Digital Dollar With Big Banks

Technocrats within the central bank network around the world have developed working technology for Central Bank Digital Currency and are now testing their inventions. For the NY Fed to call this a “digital dollar” and “distributed blockchain” are misnomers: they should be a CBDC and centralized bank transactions. Big banks are eagerly cooperating with the Fed.