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China Poised To Dominate 5G

China is proving that Technocracy is expansionary, seeking beyond its own people to dominate the whole world. 5G, AI and IoT are the three most important technologies to achieve that goal, and thus, China intends to dominate all three.

Expert Warns 5G Could Cause Cancer In Humans

The health concerns over 5G may or may not be justified in the end, but the industry’s refusal to permit adequate testing and release of existing data is reprehensible. In the meantime, 5G is the great enabler of Technocracy. 

Technocrat Executives Welcome A Future With 5G

This is a paid ad/article from T-Mobile, a leader in 5G rollout in America, confirming what TN has been writing about the connection between IoT and 5G. Top execs clearly expect a gold rush when 5G hits the airwaves.

5G From Space: 20,000 Satellites To Blanket The Earth

Technocrat Elon Musk will use SpaceX to launch 12,000 satellites alone. Although data has zero mass, land-based plus sky-based 5G will be teeming with constant rivers of data while blanketing humanity with questionable radiation.

China Leapfrogs The U.S. In 5G Internet

Several experts have stated that whoever gets the jump on 5G will control the world. The U.S. has no counterpart to the giant 5g tech manufacturer, Huawei, which is currently the leader of 5G hardware and software. China’s dominance will spread Technocracy to the rest of the world.