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5G Juggernaut: FCC and Big Telecom Squash City Sovereignty

Do cities have any autonomy in regulating or negotiating with telecom carriers over 5G towers? Nope. The Federal Appeals Court’s decision will save telecom carriers over $2 billion in local fees. This is a major Technocrat victory over local sovereignty.

Pentagon Releases Huge Slice Of Spectrum For 5G

The unprecedented collaboration between Technocrats in the military establishment and their counterparts in the corporate world is on full display to empower the Internet of Things across America. This process is driven by the White House.

FCC Unanimously Approves Amazon’s Plan For 3,236 5G Satellites

First Elon Musk, now Jeff Bezos. Both ultra-rich Technocrats are competing to see who can be first to fill space with 5G satellites. For the “good of humanity”, of course. Once their networks are completed, 100 percent of earth will have broadband access while being continuously bathed in 5G radiation.