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Trump: 5G Rollout Is A Race ‘America Must Win’

The Trump Administration is fully behind the rapid implementation of 5G in America, despite the lack of safeguards and ethical discussions over its applications of Smart City technologies. In China, 5G is clearly being used to complete its Scientific Dictatorship over its citizens.

Health Risk: Citizens Push Back On 5G Towers In Moraga, Calif

Cities potentially have significant clout to change the 5G landscape, but are typically too timid to do so. Most lay off decisions to Federal and State regulations. Meanwhile, 5G companies have become schoolyard bullies by threatening endless lawsuits.

5G Will Revolutionize Internet Of Things And AI Platforms

T-Mobile lays out the real driver behind 5G: IoT and AI. Connecting everything and everybody together will permit command and control like never seen before in history. Unimaginable volumes of data will be collected, which is the life-blood of Artificial Intelligence.

China’s Race To 5G Dominance Raises Global Security Concerns

China has raced way ahead of America on setting 5G standards and hold twice as many patents as we do. Furthermore, Huawei is the leading producer of 5G-related hardware. As a Technocracy, China is pouring billions into 5G rollout because they recognize how critical it will be to implementing their Scientific Dictatorship.

China Poised To Dominate 5G

China is proving that Technocracy is expansionary, seeking beyond its own people to dominate the whole world. 5G, AI and IoT are the three most important technologies to achieve that goal, and thus, China intends to dominate all three.

Expert Warns 5G Could Cause Cancer In Humans

The health concerns over 5G may or may not be justified in the end, but the industry’s refusal to permit adequate testing and release of existing data is reprehensible. In the meantime, 5G is the great enabler of Technocracy.